We Need Less Humans in the Workplace(and a lil’ more honesty)

Have you ever caught yourself thinking how life would turn out if ‘Employee X’ messed up big time?

The kind of messing up that would land him/her in the OD’s office, writing four lengthy paragraphs about how his/her actions have /would have jeopardized the organization's future?

Inasmuch as this may sound like the next juicy story for the office gossip circles, or downright top notch evil…deep down our hearts we know one or two people pop up. The Ones who ‘would never do wrong’; who seem to have a solution to every problem on Planet Work….Super-humans?

We either love them or hate them. We love them because they contribute immensely to the organization. They seem so passionate about the job and their very presence in the room feels like a spring of rain in a desert, to the point where we subconsciously worship them.

We hate them because they make us look bad, period.

Whatever they say goes, the team leader will ask around during a meeting for ‘everyone’s views’ and then asks what he/she (Employee X) thinks about ‘everyone’s views’. You give in a report five minutes late and the whole department hears about it, but Employee XEmployee X brings it in an hour later and no one hears a whiff of it (gasp!)

Life gets worse when you live in a culture where people express their opinions/feelings openly to everyone or anyone but the individual they have an issue with.

So until Employee X resigns or better yet, get caught red-handed stealing from the company coffers…we will be right here sipping our coffee dreading the next Employee of the Month vote cause we already know who will be taking that coveted spot in the reception area.