Trust in the foods room

My years at Prospect have been pretty tough. I haven’t had the chance to really connect with any teachers until last year. I had racked up so many detention hours from the previous years and I wasn’t able to get to go to homecoming unless they were all finished. Ms.Collins, the foods teacher was letting kids serve in her class. I had Ms. Collins for foods class my sophomore year but only knew her as a teacher. As detention began we would have the occasional basic conversion of “Hi, how are you?” or “How is your day going?” to “How is your family doing”? Or “Is everything okay at home.” I really started to open up to her about my personal problems and she gave me advice that I couldn’t seek out anywhere else at Prospect, she really cared about my feelings and helping me through hardships that I was going through. Eventually, I finished my detentions but still found myself in the foods room talking to Ms.Collins. I really trusted her with things going on in my life and she made me feel secure at Prospect.