Though no two days are ever identical as a business owner, husband, father of three, here is what an average day looks like in the life of an entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for new ideas or ventures. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but I love what I do.

I love the rush I get from crushing life on a daily basis, as well as the satisfaction of knowing I’m truly living the life I want to be living.

Each morning I wake up and immediately start to plan out the day for myself and what needs to get done in the workday. I turn over and there is at least one beautiful girl sleeping next to me but on a great day, there’s two — both my wife and daughter. I give them both a kiss and get up to start my day.

I check my emails and set up any jobs that need to be set up while thinking of ways to keep the wheels turning and landing others. I’ve had plenty of times when I was unsure when jobs would come in but there’s also been plenty of times I wonder where I will find the time to do all those already scheduled.

I find it’s not necessary to worry about the work coming in because it all seems to come just as I need it to. It always seems to work out perfectly.

On any given day I could sit and think my way into an ugly depression worrying about work and where it’s coming from but it never got me anywhere. I’ve battled through it when I needed to, only to completely triumph over it and end up better than ever.

I rely on the quality of my work itself, the confidence I have in both it and my clients to spread the word, along with the little bit of advertising I do on Facebook to bring in more work and so far so good. It’s worked out just as I’ve needed it to up to this point.

If you are starting a business it’s important to be there for your customers and to stand by your performance or product in whatever you are doing. After I get through the morning emails and calls the workday starts. Some days there are more fires to put out than others and some days there are no fires at all — but it’s all a part of being a business owner.

Sometimes I have to pull up 600 square ft of Flooring because a customer changes their mind on the color they want, sometimes the water shut off is broken, water sprays all over and I get soaked. People change their kitchen layout 3 days before granite is installed, so you have to go into turbo overdrive in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

These are just a few of the bigger problems I’ve run into but there are small things too, like having to drive to home depot 4 times in a row because parts are missing, are the wrong size or a problem gets bigger as you are trying to fix a previous contractors work. Next thing you know, two hours have been wasted driving back and forth.

I frequently have to deal with customers that have no idea what they want, customers that choose one thing and change their mind right after, picky customers, rude customers, as well as those who have no idea what they are talking about, as they try to tell me how to do what I do for a living.

I have seen it all and have felt like screaming some days but that’s what I signed up for when I decided to start my own business.

Being the boss sometimes means having to also be the sales guy, the customer service rep, the cashier and everything in between.

But I also have had the pleasure of doing business with some truly amazing customers also. More often than not, my customers are appreciative, nice, helpful — and just overall decent people.

One of the most valuable gifts I was lucky enough to inherit from my Grandfather was the “gift of gab”. I love to make my customers feel like they are working with a friend they have known their entire lives. I’ve found not this goes a very long way with customers. Not only do they appreciate, it helps them feel comfortable working with me because of it, as well as makes them more likely to refer me to a friend or in family member who is looking to have work done on their home.

People think I have known my customers for a long time, just based on how I talk to them but I usually haven’t — it’s just part of who I am and what I do to help customers feel at ease. Regardless of if they give me a hard time some days or not, I always treat them like a friend I want to help.

I know as well as anyone, between the money they’re spending, the stress of picking out new cabinetry and flooring, all while working around the on going construction in their own homes is a lot for people. While it may be just another day at the office for me — they don’t do this every day. It’s up to us as business people to help make the process go as smoothly as possible for our customers and clients. Always be professional during business hours.

Even while juggling finding work, keeping customers happy and getting jobs done — I’m constantly focused on my future and family. I am always looking for new and practical ways to improve my life. I always want to do and be better, not just for my own sake but for the family I love who depends on me as well.

At any given moment, I may have a ton of different ideas about how to bring whatever project I’m working on to life. I’m constantly figuring out how to bring the vision I have in my head for these projects, jobs and ventures, into fruition.

We always want the best for our kids. No mater how busy I get with work, planning trips to the aquarium, the park and other adventures where we can spend quality family time together is always a top priority of mine. I make it a point, to make the time to do these things with the people I love most. Because while running a company, as business owners we need to make sure we make time for family, friends and all the other things that truly matter in life.

After the fires are out and the workday comes to an end, it’s time to pick up the kids from school and daycare.

I hop in the truck at 4:30 and drive through rush hour from Northeast Philadelphia to center city on I-95 to pick up my son from school. I get to my parents, where my other two kids are around 5:30 and load them up, then head home to get homework and dinner done.

My 13-year-old son heads upstairs to do his homework, the 10-year-old sits at the table to do his, the 2-year-old gets set up with blueberries, juice and a dog show while I take a shower.

While I’m in the shower I start to plan tomorrow, take time to be grateful for all I have and visualize all of the great things I know are on their way. While getting dressed, I’m still planning tomorrow and the rest of my week — checking emails and setting up estimates — all while figuring out what I’m making for dinner.

I come downstairs to finished homework on the table and go over it, as the baby is asking for chips and more juice, while simultaneously pulling out everything she can get her tiny hands on.

Pots on the stove, dinner in the oven , I’m checking homework and cleaning up the bottles of juice the baby pulled out. Phone calls for work coming in and kids coming down for dinner — and I’m setting up my weekend to look at potential jobs and meet with those I hope to turn into lifelong customers.

It can all get a bit overwhelming but it’s my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. Bellies full, dishes done, kids showered, sitting down with my baby on the couch when my wife walks in the door. She gives me a kiss, we spend some time with the kids and talk about our day. Work is done and it’s just us.

Everything I work for is wrapped in these moments where I can just sit down, appreciate and be grateful for the real reason I work as hard as I do.

It’s not the house or the cars. It’s not the smartphones or the flat screen s — it’s the ability to provide a great life for my family, to be able to laugh with them and just be in love with life itself as well as where I’m at in it.

To me, that’s the entire point of life itself — to work hard for the things you want and the people you love.

Going up to bed I say goodnight to the boys and lay the girl down in her bed. I sit and look at her as she falls asleep and give her a kiss as I lay her down.

I lay down with my wife, the most amazing woman I could ever ask for, who works a full-time job while going to school, the gym, doing laundry and cleaning the house — among all the things I don’t even see.

I give her a kiss goodnight knowing everything we do, we do it for each other. We will continue to grind through days together, to get to the moments at night like this we cherish. I take a few moments before I fall asleep to just love my life and the people in it. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur and Positive Thinker