A cup of coffee and a sleepless night

When the exam is about to hit me, it is the only time of the year I decided to have a slip of coffee to keep me awake/focused. The fact that I’m able to sleep well anyhow regardless of how much coffee/green tea I could take. I take this as an advantage to broast about myself with mates, that I’m capable of sleeping in any situation, whenever and wherever I want to.

Train is where I normally have a cat nap. My body has automatically waken itself before I reach my destination.

Heavy raining, lightning, noises of housemates back in the morning after night shifts, and not to mention coffee and tea. All such things couldnt distract my sleep for some reasons. I should say thank to mom for have been raising me with a good sleeping habit eventhough my biological clock is always rough up. I sleep late most of the times, proparly 3 ish in the morning, unless I’m too tired from work that I could sleep straight away as soon as I jump on my bed.

Hold on, why not watch some movies first, chill out a bit before bed time?Oh wow, I just realised it is already very late. And I should sleep..

Night time is a good time for me to stay focus with work. That’s bascially when I feel my brain is free from all hassles, when I do my assignments while I’m lying in my bed, when I’m typing this for no reasons. Omgg, I keep typing..

The truth is, I couldnt hold my eyes anymore, I have to crash soon for sure. Zzzz..

Goodnight world!

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