Dropil Crypto Ecosystem — Dex, autonomous trading

Michél Picker
Oct 15 · 3 min read
The different Dropil Services and tools.

Dropil offers a wide range of cryptocurrency tools.

Jade, personalized trading bots for your exchanges, Arthur for Arbitrage signals. Max a Smart Wallet and a prediction market.

The different Dropil Services and tools.

Dex is an autonomous trading system — put Drops into it and forget about it.
The usage of Dex is free. The system is operating with Drop coins.

If you want to use Dex you just have to fill out your Dropil wallet address with a minimum amount of 50$ in Drops.

Dex Dashboard.

Dex operates in cycles of 15 days. This means your pool settings and contribution amount are locked-in for 15 days.

You can choose from three different pools and strategies. Depending on what pool setting you to choose, Dex trades in the background with your amount in Drops against different coins and pairs.

You can also use mixed pools, for example, 50% aggressive and 50% moderate. Depending on the market conditions etc.

Dex Dashboard — monthly returns.

The three pools are Safe, Moderate and Aggressive. Depending on which strategy you prefer and which market condition at the moment is you can choose between them.

Depending also on the market condition each of the pools has different profit returns. You can check them on an hourly, weekly and monthly base via your dashboard.

Dex pays profits in Drops to your wallet if you chose a payout of them. But you also can recontribute a specific percentage again to Dex.

Withdraw from Dex.

You always can take out your Drop coins earlier from Dex.

The full stop of the cycle or take out a part of Drops. As you want.

Please note that you forfeit a profit.

If you want to signup for this great project — feel free to use my below referral link and earn these benefits:

  • Both parties receive $5 in Drops once referral completes first Dex cycle
  • You receive 10% of all payments made to Dropil by referred users
  • Your referrals receive 10% off all Dropil premium services forever


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