Sometimes the call to help comes in the most unusual of ways. Back in February, Drake Cooper purchased a 3D printer. Not for any particular reason. We just wanted to explore, create, and maybe down the road, do something cool for our clients.

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Last week, we found a bigger purpose for our 3D printer. A Don Day tweet led us to an initiative driven by Boise State University. This initiative, called Project Face Mask, was the perfect opportunity to put our printer to work. …

While many think of Idaho as an ideal, affordable summer destination, fewer know that Idaho is a perfect winter vacation as well. In fact, winter in Idaho is where families can genuinely connect, spend quality time together in the outdoors, and create lasting memories. The Visit Idaho Wonder For The Winter campaign set out to capture this and generate excitement in vacationing in Idaho during the colder months.

Winter Wonder Awaits | Mini Film | Visit Idaho

Bringing the Wonder to Life

“Fun for the whole family” is easier said than represented in online photos and videos. The Drake Cooper creative team and DC/Studio set out to capture live-action winter fun and combine it with animated characters that bring in child-like playfulness — and yes, wonder. This way, we can give parents a glimpse of the Idaho winter experience through the imagination of a child. This would combine the beautiful, family togetherness that viewers love with a fun and fresh take on winter adventures. …


Madeleine Pier

Content Specialist at Drake Cooper in Boise, Idaho

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