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How do corporate innovation teams de-risk projects across the innovation process in relation to service design? How does service design address high level early stage uncertainty for corporate start-up teams? Does service design function as an effective stand-alone discipline for corporate start-ups?

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Service Design for Innovation & Startups: Touchpoint Journal

I recently worked as Guest Editor for the Service Design Network: Touchpoint Journal (Vol.11, №1). I also wrote a piece in the issue: “Applying Service Design While ‘Innovating like a Start-up’. The role of service design in global Fortune 500 project teams”. Here I take a critical look at the role Service Design plays within the corporate innovation world. I explain how the innovation process operates at the level of ‘knowing’ as an engine to de-risk innovation projects; concluding with advice for Service Design practitioners working within the large corporate world.

Click here to read the article (requires an SDN account).

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For us, Agile still operates very well at the end of the innovation process — where it needs to be.

Death of Agile? No, quite the opposite: Board of Innovation
Death of Agile? No, quite the opposite: Board of Innovation

Forbes.com has published a number of articles recently professing the ‘end of Agile,’ claiming that it’s a failing approach. We disagree — if it’s applied correctly.

In this article, we’ll explain the limits of Agile and what else you need to create a complete digital transformation capability at your organization.

What is Agile?

Agile is essentially a mindset that involves:

1) Creating customer-centric value and making it the number one priority

2) Small, self-steering teams executing work in short cycles

3) Teams operating in flat hierarchies and networks to deliver customer value.

What’s said to be wrong with Agile?

The main reasons Agile is apparently ending include:

  • Organizations are claiming to be Agile when they are…


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