Why It’s OK to Show Your Anger
Mark Suster

Let me start by stating that I am not a Republican and I vote the issues not the party. I have a vest pocket book of the Declaration of Independence and the Unites States Constitution and I read it about twice a year. What is really interesting are the modern day comparisons to the enumerated reasons for declaring independence from Great Britain via the usurpations of King George III; the thirst, desire, and right to be free of big, intrusive, over reaching, confiscatory governments.

Yes, you’re right that it is necessary and good to show your anger for the Nov 8th election is an inflection point for America. We are coming to the conclusion of eight years of probably the worst US President in our 240 year history and now the coronation of Mrs. Clinton via the DNC (fact check the leaked DNC emails, super delegates, torpedoing Bernie S. and the resignation of Debbie S) to continue the slide into socialism with a bigger, more intrusive federal government. The US Treasury currently takes in ~$270,000,000,000 per month from the private economy and spends ~$340,000,000,000 per month. Mrs. Clinton’s policies will drastically increase those numbers; just listen to all the free stuff, give-aways and government funded programs she’s proposing!

Mark, I read your article two times and the premise is that you are anti Donald Trump, OK understood; however you don’t make the objective case for the election of Mrs. Clinton. Your reply to Dan Bowen’s response was confusing and disappointing. You called him a partisan and not objective. He put forth a cogent and objective response and necessarily not pro Donald Trump. You’ve articulated the case against Trump but it is framed in the ol’ Democratic Party playbook of name calling and intimidation of the opponent via the old Party saw: Racist — Sexist — Homophobe — Bigot. Who wants to be called those names!

Donald Trump in the recent past was crass, bombastic and said things that he should not have and a big deal was made of it. I was particularly distressed by his comment about Carly Fiorina but I’ve gotten over it. Mrs. Clinton recently called Trump supporters “deplorables” and qualified that adjective with a pre amble recitation of the aforementioned party saw. Where’s the outrage, why is she not a bigot or sexist and unfit to be POTUS?

So using your application of the old Party saw here’s why Mrs. Clinton is not fit for office.

She is Racist.

· Mrs. Clinton started the birther movement against BHO in the 2008 campaign. He was starting to surge in the primary polls and she needed to do something to knock him off the leader perch. She published a picture of a young BHO in local African garb looking like a muslim (attending a wedding), published a timeline of BHO’s early years in Kenya and Malaysia as a practicing muslim. She published an old promotional pamphlet that described BHO as being born in Kenya when trying to market his first book. She then demanded that he make public his original birth certificate. Clearly a racist attempt to discredit his rightful birth in Hawaii. As Trump said he finished it last year with a thorough investigation and the right conclusion.

· Examine the level of racial invective used in the past by Mrs. Clinton “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans”. Also Trump so far has not appeared in linguistic blackface to patronize and mock the intelligence of an African-American audience with a 30-second, manufactured, and bad Southern accent in the manner of Hillary Clinton, “ I ain’t no way tired…nobody told me it would be easy…..”

· She consistently and purposefully panders for the Black vote campaigning with promises of bigger and better government handouts essentially to keep the Black folk on the big government plantation. What she is espousing is the further enslavement of future African Americans to the largess of the US welfare system and of course VOTES. This is the appalling manipulation of people she considers too inept to think and fend for themselves. It is the epitome of Mrs. Clinton as a racist and a great provider to her Black Democrat tribe.

· Robert E. Byrd, US Senator and high ranking member of the KKK in West Virginia. Mrs. Clinton has praised the late Senator Byrd as one of her mentors and confidants. Where’s the outrage? Senator Byrd once said in an interview on national TV: “I’ve known some white n**g**s….” So Mrs. Clinton has knowingly acknowledged and was close to a racist and white supremacist of the first order, a member of the KKK. Where’s the outrage, has Mrs. Clinton ever denounced Senator Byrd? No, because she is a racist.

She’s a Misogynist

· Bimbo Eruption Squad. William Jefferson Clinton is not just the first elected US President to be impeached but also a serial sexual predator and rapist. Mrs. Clinton is his enabler, (remember “Stand by your man”), Jennifer Flowers, Linda Tripp*, Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinski, and others….all victims of Bill’s sexual lusts. So how did a high profile, powerful man get away with it? Mrs. Clinton ran the Bimbo Eruption Squad! Any woman who surfaced to accuse Bill of sexual abuse was summarily attacked, discredited and deconstructed as a slut, malcontent, sued or labeled some other mental malady. Paula Jones went to court and got a $850,000 pay off with a gag order. Juanita was raped. *Linda Tripp was not directly sexually abused by Bill but was legally savaged and ruined by Mrs. Clinton for advising Monica Lewinski on the famous blue dress. Monica was a White House intern and living a young woman’s dream of rubbing elbows in halls of power and then being seduced by the most powerful man in the world, POTUS, William Jefferson Clinton. If I, you or any other executive used his position of power to seduce and have sex with a much younger woman in the office we would be castigated and hung out to dry — fired. Yet Mrs. Clinton ran the offense on Monica and company first by labeling it “the Monica Lewinski scandal” when it should have been “the Bill Clinton sex scandal”. So how has Monica L been doing since? Not very well. She was discredited and slandered by Mrs. Clinton and the Bimbo Eruption Team. I believe that she still is unable to get a full time job thanks to Mrs. Clinton.

· The Clinton Foundation has attracted approximately $200,000,000 in donations. Most of it during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. About $100,000,000 comes from Middle East States: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, and others in anticipation of Mrs. Clinton becoming the next POTUS. So why does she accept money from muslim states that practice and enforce sharia law and the subjugation of women? Men own their daughters, honor killing is acceptable should the daughter stray from sharia norms for women. Female Genital Mutilation, FGM, is prevalent in muslim countries and young girls have no say in this practice. Muslim girls in the US are unknowingly sent overseas for the clitoral removal procedure (see recent WSJ article). Daughters that are married become the property of their husband. Shouldn’t Mrs. Clinton loudly and proudly exclaim the human rights problem with sharia law and the subjugation of women as property? If she’s not a misogynist, why doesn’t she return all the money and make a stand for all women. Here is where Mrs. Clinton demonstrates significant hypocrisy and that she’s a misogynist of the worst order.

She’s a Foreign Policy Idiot

OK, name one Mrs. Clinton Sec of State accomplishment that helped people? By the time she left the position, the Middle East was on fire. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt were all destabilized and power struggles were in play. Many people have died. There was a mass refugee migration into Europe. Refugees were drowning trying to cross the Mediterranean. ISIS was on the rise, the JV team, and conquering cities and territories in Iraq and Syria, beheading, crucifying and executing Christians. Ever watch the YouTube beheadings? Courtesy of the incompetent Mrs. Clinton.

Russia invaded Ukraine and took possession of Crimea from them and now occupies it. There was fighting on the eastern border and a thrust to assimilate the eastern part of Ukraine back into the mother ship. Lots of people died. So where’s Mrs. Clinton and what did she do? Nothing. She gave Putin a reset button and fund raised for the Clinton Foundation.

China grabbed a rock formation several hundred miles out in the South China Sea and called it theirs. Started to build a military base and now threatens Japan, Taiwan, shipping lanes and now forms a forward base for military operations. What did Mrs. Clinton do about it? Nothing. She fund raised for the Clinton Foundation.

Bengazi, Libya. 13 hours of attack, destruction of an embassy and murder of an American Ambassador and 3 brave men all under the umbrella of Sec of State. So what did Mrs. Clinton do to help her embassy employees? Nothing. 600 calls for help and nothing came from Mrs. Clinton, not a word. And where was she during the attack and destruction and murders? She won’t say or doesn’t remember.

Iran. Mrs. Clinton started the secret negotiations with Iran. The world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism is now flush with $1,300,000,000 cash and another $150,000,000,000 to come. Mrs. Clinton aided and abetted a potential nuclear power with evil intentions. Death to America, death to Israel is their mantra.

550,000 Syrian and Middle East refugees will be imported into the US if Mrs. Clinton is POTUS. So if 1% is radicalized, there will be several thousand jihadists on the loose in the US.

So how’s our National Security doing nowadays? Orlando, San Bernadino, Nebraska, Boston, NYC, Minnesota, Ft Hood,….courtesy of the incompetent Mrs. Clinton!

She Regularly Encourages Violence

Remember early in the Mrs. Clinton campaign, there was a supposedly union organized march at Trump Tower in NYC. It got loud and some participants got unruly and were arrested. Well, turns out it was fully paid for and organized by the Mrs. Clinton campaign. The union members weren’t and the entire demonstration was a Mrs. Clinton campaign organized hoax. They only got caught when someone asked a participant about being paid.

Donald Trump attracts huge audiences at his political rallies. It also attracts the protesting supporters for Mrs. Clinton. These supporters often are very physical, have tried to storm the Trump stage, isolate and beat Trump rally attendees and are rude to Trump supporters as they demonstrate and shout profanities. They try to get into the personal space of Trump supporters to agitate and provoke violence. So how many times have you heard Mrs. Clinton call for respect, calm and civility? I’ve not heard of one instance of Mrs. Clinton denouncing intimidation and violence of her supporters that protest at Trump rallies. Silence infers consent and Mrs. Clinton has been silent on the violence on her behalf.

Summary — What You Need to Do

As of today, the electoral count is nearly even, 242 for Donald and 243 for Mrs. Clinton. BHO is out campaigning and is reduced to begging African-American audiences, on the basis of racial solidarity, to vote for Hillary to preserve his ego and legacy; something is up.

Remember the highly touted bus tour following the DNC convention? Well it didn’t get very far, people were not showing up at the Mrs. Clinton rallies and it was cancelled and quietly died in the media.

Mrs. Clinton is a potentially sick woman. Her head injury from falling a few years ago was more serious than reported. After her 9/11 collapse she’s been on a very tight leash for campaigning. Today she was videoed being helped going up stairs. Her appearances are short and she seems to be partially medicated with her monotone deliveries. The American people need to know the physical condition of Mrs. Clinton. Woodrow Wilson, for 11 months, hid a major debilitating stroke from the public. FDR hid from the public after being stricken with polio and was a sick and weak man while negotiating with Stalin, Churchill and other leaders. We the public have the right to know if she is capable and up to the physical and mental challenges of the job. If you are hiring a key executive for one of your VC portfolio companies, don’t you do due diligence to make sure he/she is up to it mentally and physically? Why can’t she have an independent evaluation? What is she and her campaign hiding? Demand an objective medical exam.

Hillary is serial and pathological liar. She continues to do so because a sycophantic media refuses to call her on it. We got a heavy dose of “Bush lied, people died” but have never heard, “People died, Hillary lied”. Her lies about Bengazi are legion: what caused the attack, who attacked, her whereabouts, why was help not sent, her lies to the families of the fallen men defending the compound. The use of a private email server as Sec of State is deception and cover for fund raising for the Clinton Foundation and a cold trail as Sec of State that obstructs the public’s right to know about her job running the State Dept. Her lies about receiving and sending secret and classified documents, lies about not knowing what is classified, (see WSJ, front page, 6 July 2016) you’ve demanded that Trump release his tax returns, OK. How about Mrs. Clinton release the 33,000 missing State Dept emails that cover Chelsea’s wedding and yoga sessions, quid pro quo.

This election is for the direction of the inflection point. Mrs. Clinton is dishonest, a serial liar, corrupt and potentially has an illness that will impair her ability to function as POTUS. She has sold influence to foreign entities via contributions to the Clinton Foundation and can place a contributors request above the National Security. It is highly likely (see WSJ, front page, 6 July 2016) that the home brew email server has been hacked multiple times by China, Russia and others. The contents of those emails could be used as blackmail against Mrs. Clinton as leverage for favors or worse. Mrs. Clinton is a socialist and most likely will continue the unconstitutional power grabs via executive order to advance her hidden agenda. She is probably the second worst candidate ever for the democrats behind BHO.

Donald Trump is a flawed candidate, no one can dispute that. He’s not a political operative or a career politician. He believes in free markets and free people. He seems to understand the need to pare back government regulations, intrusions, institutions, budgets, and bureaucracy. The last 8 years has seen less than 3% growth in GDP, the slowest period of growth since the Great Depression. Obamacare and Dodd-Frank regulations have choked job growth, salary growth, and opportunities for college graduates. Why does the US Federal Government need to take ~$270,000,000,000 monthly out of the US private economy? Think of how the economy will expand if 30% of that monthly government take was available for private business investment. It would foster a terrific business environment since the extra capital will be used by business to generate more and future business via innovation and expansion. We are under attack by an enemy who wants us converted to sharia law. We’ve lost our sovereignty with the open border policies of BHO and to be continued by Mrs. Clinton. Illegal immigrants have killed US citizens, Kate Steinle, Matthew Denise and many others.

Download and read an excellent article by Angleo Codevilla, The Ruling Class. It is why Trump is very popular and draws over flowing crowds at rallies. It is why Mrs. Clinton is wrong and must be stopped before the country hits a tipping point.

Talk to your family, friends and those individuals who are not yet decided. Although Donald Trump is not politically correct, so what? For the past 8 years you’ve been lied to and deceived by BHO: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…..this law will protect the taxpayer with too big too fail…..Bengazi attack was caused by YouTube video, the economic growth is the best in decades, unemployment is at historical lows, this deal will prevent Iran from making a nuclear weapon, …….

Your future and standard of living depends on the next elected POTUS.

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