Composition in JavaScript is quite different from composition in Java or C++, where composition…

“Languages and environments are tools. I reject the idea that they do not matter and they are all the same. The reductio ad absurdum argument is that we could all be using assembly language.”

I said no such thing. I said they matter very little compared to the programmer. It’s also a matter of ecosystem — Java did not have the stature it has today when I started out. Back then, the professional programmers were referring to it as a toy language that programmers that could’t program used. Java was a very slow and wobbly thing for many years. JavaScript has only quite recently started getting traction from a tooling standpoint and I think there is a massive amount of improvement that can and will be made. It certainly is a much, much better language with a *massively* stronger ecosystem and execution environments than it was 6 years ago.

It is unfortunate that C++ and Java is so limited and bound to classes, but that can be improved. Java picked up lambas (not pioneered, by arguably popularised by JavaScript) in the latest version, which improved the language a lot — it could pick up a little composition as well.

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