There’s this notion in these posts that “developers” means “JavaScript Developers”.

This is just development. Programming in JavaScript is just programming. It’s not some special programming, all the same old things still apply — With some nuances of course, but programming is largely the same between languages. Composition over inheritance is not a JavaScript concept, even though that is the context I’m explaining it here. It is originally popularized by the Gang of Four in the book Design Patterns, and they were mostly referring talking about it in a C++ context at the time.

I know a lot of people dislike other languages than the ones they work in themselves, and I’m getting more and more sure over the years that is is a very sad attitude to have. The more I get exposed to the ivory tower attitude of some developers about JavaScript, the more I’m starting to look at myself and question my aggressive stance against PHP. The languages have problems for sure, but I’m yet to encounter an ecosystem that doesn’t have glaring problems. In the end, like with cameras and golf clubs, the language is usually 1% of the effort and 99% is the person behind the keyboard.

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