Aphorisms Anybody?

Most, but not all of these were written by me, but in the end we all stand on someone’s shoulders.

“A capitalistic meritocracy can only reach its full potential when all its participants are incentivized.”

“The ascent of visual communication through television and the internet is accompanied by the inexorable degradation of language.””

“Whenever I find myself using profanity, I’m swept with a profound sense of failure.”

“First, you must love yourself. Then you can love others.”

“There are no generalizations when it comes to character.”

“If it cannot be measured, it has no value. Another aspect of our all pervasive materialism.”

“Charity is a sham, It is nobler and more considerate to receive than to give.”

“Anonymity is the ordinary man’s most precious possession.”

“All wealth is derived from labor. The decisions that distribute this wealth are ultimately moral ones.”

“The American educational system trains people; it does not educate them.”

“Gates and Zuckerberg: The mindlessness of ambition.”

“The modern aversion to the works of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud are leading the world into another dark age.”

“Be observant, be kind.”

“A consumer is a person who buys things he doesn’t need, with money that he doesn’t have, to impress people that he doesn’t like.”

“Modern Art doesn’t say anything, it just mumbles”

“Money is not a measure of value, it’s an absence of value”

“Charity is no substitute for generosity.”

“The Republican party started with Abraham Lincoln and ended with Donald Trump and it has been downhill all the way.”

“The currently accepted ideology is always the superior one, even when it isn’t. Reason is impotent to change these beliefs: only a major catastrophe can alter people’s opinions.”

Dedicated to Pia, Coco and Luca, who will have to deal with our brave, new world.