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So if you were going to be a superhero, which one would you be? Are you the angry type who becomes a hulk? Seriously, who can’t relate to that big green guy at one time or another when you’re really mad? Or would you be all techno clad, like Iron Man? Then there’s the old female standby, Wonder Woman, she was quite a gal in her day now brought dashingly to life again to our great delight. …

Defining your personal brand for Thanksgiving

On the eve of the most celebrated holiday in the United States, a non-denominational one that centers on being thankful as some of the first arrivals to our shores hundreds of years ago, we ruminate on what defines our personal brand.

How are you defining yourself on Thanksgiving? What is most important to you? It seems to be spending time with loved ones, there are more people traveling this year than ever before. …

Your personal brand: Washed

I won’t call it slacking or semi-retirement; I’m working and doing lots of new things. I’m also doing old things in new ways. I’m definitely ‘washed’. What’s it about? Some new definitions of this word have meanings that connote a post drug induced stupor or a shortened version of the expression, ‘washed up’. This new usage has nothing to do with that.

It’s a state of mind and activity. Zach Baron came to his current state after years of toiling endlessly and climbing the corporate ladder. …


Marylou Ponzi Kay

Marylou Ponzi Kay is a career coach and HR consultant. She is the author of Powering Up Your Inner Brand, available at

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