Superheroes and your personal brand

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So if you were going to be a superhero, which one would you be? Are you the angry type who becomes a hulk? Seriously, who can’t relate to that big green guy at one time or another when you’re really mad? Or would you be all techno clad, like Iron Man? Then there’s the old female standby, Wonder Woman, she was quite a gal in her day now brought dashingly to life again to our great delight. A quirky favorite is Mighty Mouse, the little guy who overcomes all the odds. I mean, here he is a mouse, and yet he ‘saves the day’, you have to admire him. He may not be in the Avengers movie, but who knows, we may just see an updated version of our tiny hero popping up again. Of course Superman is the perennial constant, year in, year out, he ‘wears’ well, like his molded suit, his mysterious parentage, his super powers with one flaw-Kryptonite. It almost makes him human.

In recent years we’ve spent some time pondering Peter Parker’s Spiderman, and the dark, moody Batman, played in turns by all kinds of leading men. Then of course there’s the X-Men franchise, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, we seem to want to believe in people who do good but have dubious wardrobe choices. We want someone who takes things seriously and cares enough to do something about it, puts their efforts into bringing about a change.

So wouldn’t you like to show up as Superman at an interview? No, maybe not the tights, but ‘you need that report done- no problem’. ‘You’ve got logistics issues; I’ll leap the tall buildings in a single bound way faster than FedEx’. We all want to show them our best side: how spectacular we are to make that fabulous first impression. At the core of the allure of the superhero is someone who is there when people need them desperately. A superhero is a person who comes up with a quick solution, who uses their power and strength, even sacrificing themselves to achieve a greater good for others. That’s not so different from what your average candidate would like to do. Job hunters whether experienced or new grads want to be able to soar into the skies and rescue the company from its current difficulties. And if you can do that, it’s a part of what you want to tell them at an interview. If you’ve done your homework, you walk in ready to discuss how your contribution can assist them.

You talk about your expertise in taking care of that current challenge they’re facing. You’re targeting exactly what they need. That’s the way you stand out from all the other regular folks who are interviewing. That’s the way you come across like a superhero. So roll up your sleeves, and attach the cape. Build your own personal superhero brand –you might just get a job faster than a speeding bullet.

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Marylou Ponzi Kay is a career coach and HR consultant. She is the author of Powering Up Your Inner Brand, available at

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