The fear is real, but that doesn’t mean you have to fear to invest during a crisis.

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Investing your hard-earned money during uncertain financial times is nerve-racking. Often it’s best not to invest during these times if you’re unsure. On the other hand, these times could produce some of the best returns you’ll see.

Coronavirus disease, or ‘COVID-19’, is real. The lives it has taken were real, and the crushing impact on the world economy is real.

Although managing your investments during a crisis like Coronavirus can be even more nerve-racking than an average day, don’t let fear take over and lead you to make irrational decisions. Think not just in the now, but also long-term.


The pits of depression and despair can cloud your options. Know that you have them.

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The black dog. Depression. According to Beyond Blue, 45% of Australians will suffer from a mental health condition in their lifetime, and estimate 1 million Australians are depressed, with 2 million suffering from anxiety.

Depression is real. It’s not a joke. Gone (hopefully) are the days where depression was treated as weakness, especially in men.

If you think you or someone close to you suffers from depression, don’t ignore it. Reach your hand out and help them. You never know, maybe one day you’ll reach your hand out and that person will grasp it and be there for you.

The Symptoms


All you need is time.

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Compound interest. The eighth wonder of the world. Einstein said it, so it must be true.

Understanding Compound Interest

Interest on loans can be calculated using different interest methods, such as simple interest, or compound interest.

Simple interest is interest calculated on the principal (original amount) of the loan. For example, with an initial investment of $1,000, interest will be calculated on that $1,000, no matter how long you hold the investment. In the 5th year, interest is calculated on $1,000.

Compound interest is where you earn interest on your initial principal investment, as well as on the interest earned from that initial…

Buy undervalued. Renovate. Rent. Rinse. Repeat.

Real estate investing can be the portal to financial independence. It doesn’t have to be a full-time gig (although it can be), but can be a side hustle.

You can make substantial money from buying the right type of properties. But, knowing what to look for, and how to manage a renovation in a short period, takes practice. The goal? Your property portfolio providing you enough income to quit your job.

Follow these three steps to increase your net worth through real estate:

  • Purchase undervalued, dilapidated properties;
  • Renovate them in a short period of time; and
  • Rent them out as…

If you’re young, incorporate these rules into your life

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‘When I was a boy’…I wish I knew the following financial advice. But, alas, parents and school don’t set you up well for a stable and responsible financial future. Luckily (or unluckily?) we have the internet.

Hindsight is a bitch. This is known. But let us pass-down lessons to the younger generation so that, hopefully, they can take a snippet or two of knowledge from our failures and learn from them.


Yes, yes, saving is boring, but do you know what is even more boring? Having no money. Can you buy things you want with no money? Nope. Can you…

Dear followers,

Lately, I’ve started writing stories focusing on not only writing, but about productivity, personal finance, life, and more. Due to this, I’ve decided to start a new publication to cover this range of topics, not only writing. The new publication, The Venture, can be found at the below link.

I hope to find you all there.

Kind regards,

-M. P. Knightly

It’s time to stop the procrastination, pick up the pen, and get to work.

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And by ‘pen’ I mean keyboard, clearly.

Life is hard. I know this. You know this. We all know this. But do you know what’s harder? Looking back and realising you’ve lived an unfulfilled life. Many of us here are writers; some newer to the craft than others, but none are masters. No one ever masters an art. You could ask the most successful writers on Medium if they had writing regrets and I guarantee you they’d say a resounding ‘yes’. …

Can you define it?

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Most people, if they answer honestly, would say they want to be ‘rich’. But an individual’s definition of ‘rich’ differs significantly to others, depending on their upbringing, current lifestyle, influences, etc. Humans are often not content with what they have, and continually strive for more; but when is enough, enough?

Humans, no matter how much money they make, adjust their lifestyle expectations in conjunction with their rising bank balance, therefore their level of happiness (for most). This tendency in humans is known as the hedonic treadmill, or hedonic adaption. …

Incorporate these into your life to keep more money in your pocket.

Money is hard to earn, so why give it away? By understanding money, what you currently spend, and where you want to go, you can quickly start to save money. You just need to start.

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1) Track Your Spending

Know what you spend. Most people don’t, and it’s a dangerous path to tread. Start a spreadsheet and track your outgoings during your pay cycle, and identify what items you can cut down on, such as takeaway dinners or your morning latte.

Furthermore, have a tab on your spreadsheet for tracking your reoccurring bills (electricity, water, rates, etc.). This will help you identify what bills…

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon — So Close

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For the last year, I’ve been researching, debating, testing, and, ultimately, procrastinating, about what the best laptop for me as a writer would be. In summary, it wasn’t easy.


My current laptop at the time was approaching six and a half years old, and although it did all the tasks I needed, it was slower than I could put up with, and the battery lasted a mere hour, defeating the point of a laptop. …

M. P. Knightly

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