Certificate Pinning in Android

Marcos Placona
Dec 23, 2016 · 3 min read
private final OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient();
public void run(String url) throws Exception {
Request request = new Request.Builder()

client.newCall(request).enqueue(new Callback() {
public void onFailure(Call call, IOException e) {
Log.e(TAG, "onFailure: " + e.getMessage());

public void onResponse(Call call, okhttp3.Response response) throws IOException {
Log.d(TAG, "onResponse: " + response.body().string());

private CertificatePinner certificatePinner = new CertificatePinner.Builder()
.add("publicobject.com", "sha256/0jQVmOH3u5mnMGhGRUCmMKELXOtO9q8i3xfrgq3SfzI")

private final OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient
E/MainActivity: onFailure: Certificate pinning failure!
Peer certificate chain:
sha256/afwiKY3RxoMmLkuRW1l7QsPZTJPwDS2pdDROQjXw8ig=: CN=publicobject.com,OU=PositiveSSL,OU=Domain Control Validated
sha256/klO23nT2ehFDXCfx3eHTDRESMz3asj1muO+4aIdjiuY=: CN=COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA,O=COMODO CA Limited,L=Salford,ST=Greater Manchester,C=GB
sha256/grX4Ta9HpZx6tSHkmCrvpApTQGo67CYDnvprLg5yRME=: CN=COMODO RSA Certification Authority,O=COMODO CA Limited,L=Salford,ST=Greater Manchester,C=GB
Pinned certificates for publicobject.com:
private CertificatePinner certificatePinner = new CertificatePinner.Builder()
.add("publicobject.com", "sha256/afwiKY3RxoMmLkuRW1l7QsPZTJPwDS2pdDROQjXw8ig=")
.add("publicobject.com", "sha256/klO23nT2ehFDXCfx3eHTDRESMz3asj1muO+4aIdjiuY=")
.add("publicobject.com", "sha256/grX4Ta9HpZx6tSHkmCrvpApTQGo67CYDnvprLg5yRME=")

Marcos Placona

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Marcos Placona is a developer evangelist @ Twilio. He spends most of his time working with Android and .Net open source projects.

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