Because of you, there’s less reason to fear

Reports of terror, anti-Semitism, and war show no signs of slowing down. In Israel, innocent civilians fear for their lives on the street and in their homes. In Europe, Jewish institutions must prepare for potential attacks. In Eastern Ukraine, the world’s poorest Jews are forced to flee their homes. At home in the Twin Cities, college students are facing anti-Semitism for expressing their love of Israel.

Here are some of the most pressing needs facing the Jewish community across the globe and in our community, and how Minneapolis Jewish Federation, with the help of our donors, is responding.

INNOCENT ISRAELI CIVILIANS FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES. In recent months, Israelis have been killed and wounded by violent, random terror attacks. Our partner in Israel, The Jewish Agency for Israel, is providing immediate assistance to victims and their families through the Fund for the Victims of Terror — this immediate response would not be possible without the support of our donors.

INHOSPITABLE ENVIRONMENTS IN EUROPE.Thousands of Jews are fleeing war in Ukraine and anti-Semitism in Europe by making aliyah. In 2015, we provided aliyah assistance to more than 30,000 new immigrants, up 10% since 2014. Close to 7,000 immigrants arrived from Ukraine, and nearly 10,000 Western European Jews made aliyah in 2015 — the highest number ever.

In addition, for those Jews who must remain in their home countries, our donors’ gifts are providing increased security for Jewish activities so communal life can continue to thrive.

CONFLICT IN UKRAINE. As always, the support of our donors aids some of the world’s poorest Jews. But today these Jews are facing increasingly desperate struggles as fighting rages on around them, and — whether due to poverty or health issues — they cannot escape. Their situation is worsened by an economic crisis — the Ukrainian currency has collapsed, and the price of medication and food has skyrocketed. Additional assistance from the Federated system is essential, as Ukraine lacks any kind of safety net for these Jews to fall back on, and the needs only continue to rise.

ANTI-SEMITISM ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES. A growing number of Jewish students face hostile environments on college campuses across the country — a situation for which they find themselves wholly unprepared. At home in Minneapolis we’ve taken an innovative approach to tackling these issues head-on while building collaboration among campus organizations. Funded by Federation donors, the Minnesota Israel Leadership Collaborative (MILC), is a joint initiative of Federation’s Israel Center, Minnesota Hillel, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC), and Students Supporting Israel (SSI) that trains students on campuses across the Twin Cities to advocate for Israel and respond to anti-Semitism.

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