Black Girls, More Selfies Please.
Ashley Simpo

I love this article. Mmm melanin. Mmm sisters.

I wrote a (piece of a) poem when I was in college that was basically my poor effort to put the sentiments expressed in this piece into words. It just struck me on one of those beautiful, sunny spring days, and some of my female friends could be heard outside laughing it up, walking past whatever deans or registrars office I was in. I was in the middle of handling something in that office, but I could hear them in the background, in the back of my mind, and their laughter made smile, made me want to rejoice in its vibrant, relentless beauty. It’s strength and fragility. I don’t know what they were laughing about, but it wasn’t obnoxious, abrasive, sounded musical, it felt metaphysical as it receded further away as they walked across the quad from college row. And the words struck in my mind right then and there (I was in a writing phase then) and I realize (in reflection) that it was one of the defining moments that formed my love for black girls…. The words were:

Black girls laughter,

echoes down.



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