Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

I’m pro-choice, but I LOVE this write-up. This is usually my thorn with pro-lifers. I see people passionate about ushering in new life, and I understand that perspective even though I disagree. But I can’t for the life of me understand how that passion just disappears in a hot second when it comes to supporting that life once it’s here. Most women don’t want abortions. Abortion is just the most logical choice in a culture that doesn’t support women and children who lack economic resources. So I wholeheartedly agree that if pro-lifers supported their ideology with ACTIONS to support life that’s already here, they would be helping to drive down the number of women who even think about abortion. The cure to abortion isn’t making abortion illegal, it’s making all women feel as if their babies are wanted and valued and will be supported regardless of their economic situation. It’s also making sure all women have access to quality healthcare. Birth control is expensive!