When is 2 much, 2 much?

Philosopher Watching a Pair of Butterflies — Katsushika Hokusai- c. 1814

Have we become so blinded as a society we have lost sight of all that is in front of us? Are our shiny new iPhone’s and McDonald’s happy meals that entertaining or appetizing?

Our fellow Americans are dying, our fellow humans are suffering because of these set injustices that have been in place for decades from the privatized prison complex to the mass meat and dairy industries assuring us that their food is healthy and not killing us. These are just two brief recent examples of how we are turned against ourselves and one another that I have learned about on my personal journey to uncover the truth. The evidence is out there, just look a little more carefully, ask a few more questions but don’t speak too loudly, right?

Within the 21st century it is under a few limited circumstances that we are able to start to piece together a scene of the whole movie. I believe part of the plot is related to manipulating the masses and pitting ourselves against one another. Correct me if I am wrong as it seems to be the same old song that has been playing since the beginning of humanity just now so on a much grander scale.

When is it time that we truly stand together collectively regardless of race, religion, or political camp to search and push for all the pieces of the truth to build a safer space for all persons and living beings. Has there not been enough history to look at and to learn from? Must we make the same mistakes until our beloved earth implodes from human suffering and turmoil that we directly and indirectly participate in? Not all things are in our control, but we can live virtuous lives, if one so chooses to do so on their own accord.

If we started giving more than taking in our life times then maybe our current reality would be different. ‘Most persons want the same things along the lines of; peace, happiness and love… We all just have different definitions for everything. The tone in this piece may be pessimistic but I believe in the power of the mind and the common denominator of love. At the end of the day if we aren’t enjoying life and having fun what is the point? I realize the ideas presented are abstract and vague at best but this is just the surface.