Digital Scrapbook wrap-up

When choosing my “digital culture” for this scrapbook, I was determined to pick something within my comfort zone, which ultimately hurt my project in the long run. During the later months of the year, from midsummer to late winter, one of my favorite activities is following the National Football League (NFL) strictly through the lens of fantasy sports. I figured that the vast community of users would be enough to provide content for an anthropological study on the hot trend. While there were some areas of strong content, the areas that this assignment focused on suggested that I might have found better content elsewhere.

The first assignment asked me to pick out miscommunications within my culture, and this was an early area where I struggled. I did find many examples of miscommunication within my community, but because of the way that pre-season messages and rankings are carried out by experts, it could be argued that I could have focused on other areas of communication. Ultimately, in the instance of fantasy “busts” and “sleepers,” it suggests that the experts were mistaken, however in the unpredictable industry of professional sports, the experts being wrong and providing bad information is more common than most people realize.

With my second paper, I analyzed the way that technology and status plays a role into the way that we gain and perceive information on the web. I did briefly touch upon this in my second entry, but in my paper I took a close look at the verification process on Twitter and how it impacts our interaction with social media. While I was familiar of the concept of Twitter verification, I took a closer look at the process of how an account can become verified, which reinforced the significance of a verified account. Most official Twitter accounts are verified, and this helps protect the legitimacy of these accounts, along with the content that they provide to the public.

Although I picked a field which is familiar to me, I was still able to garner some useful information while doing this assignment. This project allowed me to evaluate the different media outlets and really question if there is any major difference between independent and corporate media entities, mainly in the form of podcasts. Podcasts are a form of new media, and in a way are taking the place of terrestrial talk radio. With the internet, anyone can use technology to release content for users who can download episodes at their own will. With podcasting as a medium becoming more popular by the day, it is easier now for anyone to become popular, which minimizes the impact of corporate entities in this area.