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I’d like to hear more about how the new MM works, how leagues and league-based rewards will work. This article was more of a teaser than fulfilling the stated goal of increased transparency.

In a developer stream with Adrian I heard someone mention ELO. I imagine the new MM system is loosely based on that, which is why everything is crazy for a few weeks while our rankings converge on our “real” skill level and hangar power. So why not say that here? Another commenter (mike thomas) clearly didn’t glean that from the article and complained. Understandable since the article doesn’t explain why things are wonky now, but will get better after the system collects enough data for proper MM.

After doing some reading I see ELO only works for 1v1 games, and extending that algorithm to a 6v6 game with differing bots and weapons is a tough challenge. It would be nice to get some insights into how playing with a squad affects your ranking.

I realize you don’t want to give algorithm-level specifics to reduce the ease of manipulation. But then again, dedicated players will deduce the major aspects of the new system just as they did with the old system. As we all know “seal clubbers” figured out exactly how to game the system so they could crush much weaker players and never have a challenge. Nobody wants to see that happen again, but these guys will figure out the new system as well. So not being transparent will end up hurting 99% of the players, and the 1% who want to abuse the system will figure out how to do it. So please skip all that pain and just be transparent about how everything works. Who knows, maybe people in the community will help point out flaws and you can converge on a much better MM system in months instead of years.

Lastly, I’d really like to see Pixonic be more transparent about tweaks to the game. I’m tired of having something silently changed, then guessing about it, seeing chatter on FB and elsewhere, and only weeks later does Pixonic say what happened. Why not just announce tweaks right away via your FB feed and avoid the barrage of “the game is broken and I don’t know why” comments?

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