War Robots 2.6 extended patch notes. Leagues!
War Robots

Thank you for detailing all the changes and the motivations behind them! It always bugged me how each release had “secret changes” that we would all discover eventually, but for a few weeks would cause so much fear, rumors, complaining, etc. I hope these kinds of thorough announcements will help cut that down 95%.

The new League system looks very promising! One hole I see is that since the top 2 losing players still get positive ranking, an effective strategy would be to play solely for damage without regards to actually winning. For example, only camping with a trident fury (or 5 furies), never shooting missiles at energy shields or plasma at physical shields, always shooting at targets you that will give max damage instead of taking out a weak enemy that is about to wreak havoc on your team’s ranged bots, etc.

It looks like there is no ranking bonus for beacons?

Is it possible to slip backwards a tier? If so, do you get a “probation period” when you’re at the low end of a tier so you get a longer chance to get your footing? Do you get rewards each time you jump up a tier, or only the once for each tier? (Thinking of another loophole people will exploit).

How does it work when squadding? Are you sent to the tier of the highest squadder?

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