G2A.com abusing, lying and breaching their own Agreement

G2A.com acts as a payment gateway. Upon making a payment, they have an optional service/subscription called G2A Shield, checked by default. The subscription is in trial mode for the first 30 days, after which it automatically and recurrently charges your card for 1 (2?) Euros. The only way to cancel the subscription is to wait 2 days before the trial ends, and cancel it then, or after you’ve been already charged.

Out of the two times I had made payments through G2A, the second time I hadn’t been careful enough to have it disabled — which is my mistake. But what follows, when you ask the subscription to be cancelled, is quite unimaginable.

Here’s my original message, to their Support.

Apparently I’ve subscribed to G2A Shield, without my express approval (I guess the checkbox was checked by default — bad user experience).
I want this service cancelled immediately, without having to monitor and login in the last two days, to do so.
Thank you for understanding,
Best regards

Next up, the conversation:

G2A (28.02.2017 14:13)
Please note that by purchasing with G2A Shield you have access to our Price Match offer, Extreme Shield service and a guarantee of 100% protection for every transaction. You can read about all of G2A Shield benefits at: https://shield.g2a.com
The paid membership can be disabled at any given time, while the free trial subscription can be disabled at the last 2 days of it. As we can see you have free trial at the moment in this case it can be disabled only at the last 2 days of it by owner of the account.
If you still wish to cancel the membership from the G2A Shield service, you may do so by logging to your account and selecting the proper function at https://pay.g2a.com/shield/status
With Best Regards,
Bruce A.

Since you are not allowed (during what they call Trial) to cancel the subscription at http://pay.g2a.com/shield/status, I replied:

I do not want the G2A Shield membership anymore. Since this trial will bill automatically at the end of the trial period, it means this is an active membership. Which means I can request its cancellation at any point, including now.
Again, I want my subscription immediately cancelled by your company, since I am prohibited expressly by your website to do so myself.
Thank you,

Natalie, then comes in:

G2A (28.02.2017 14:20)
We fully disclose to all Customers how and when G2A Shield Membership will be activated. Information regarding the membership activation is always visible at checkout through G2A Pay, as shown in this example: http://prntscr.com/8qdilb
Please note that main goal of G2A Shield 30 — days Free Trial is to allow the customer to use all G2A Shield benefits for the duration of the whole month without any charges. As any further reactivation of G2A Shield is no longer free according with information included in our terms and conditions, it is only possible for the customer to disable the G2A Shield Free Trial 48h before the trial ends, to prevent the situation where the client would disable it almost immediately and upon reactivation of G2A Shield would get charged for the next month of G2A Shield membership. This would not fit with our policy of gifting the customer 30 days free service and is succesfully prevented by allowing to disable G2A Shield membership free trial only 48h before the trial period ends.
With Best Regards,
Natalie P.

I reply:

Me (28.02.2017 14:29)
Very well. It seems you’re refusing to cancel an active subscription.
Will closing my account now, also terminate the G2A Shield trial subscription?

Marshal, next, explaining that you cannot have your account removed! Oh, God:

G2A (28.02.2017 14:33)
Please note that before deleting the account, the G2A Shield Membership has to be disabled first. The paid membership can be disabled at any given time, while the free membership period can be disabled at the last 2 days of it. Your account deletion will be finalized after 2 consecutive weeks of no activity on it.
With Best Regards,

Isn’t that absurd, now? But let’s look at their Terms And Conditions

Me (28.02.2017 14:40)
Based on Terms and Conditions, chapter 12 Termination:
12.3 Termination of the agreement by the User is made through removal of his account. The User my withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date the contract was concluded unless the User has already made the offer of sell or purchase of the game code. The User may at any time electronically request removal of his account by G2A.COM. G2A.COM is obliged to remove the account without any delay, no later than within three (3) days from the receipt of the User’s request. After such period the agreement is terminated. G2A.COM shall immediately provide the User, in a durable medium, with the acknowledgment of receipt of the notice of withdrawal.
I hereby request the immediate termination and removal of my account on G2A.com
Please provide the acknowledgment of receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

Fred feels like he’s got something to say (notice how long it took them to reply now).

And this, right now, starts to look more and more like ransom.

G2A (28.02.2017 15:24)
We would like to also address you 5.13 which is state : ‘’ If the User does not want to continue the membership after the initial term he/she needs to unselect membership in his/hers account panel which can be done only during the last two days of the initial term. ‘’
You may delete your account on g2a.com without any problem however for the charge not to be taken fro the next month please be sure that you have been deactivated it before you delete it.
With Best Regards,
Fred M.

Wait, what? That’s got nothing to do with Termination! But who cares, right?

Me (28.02.2017 15:42)
I would also like to point out that 5.13 you mentioned of Terms and Conditions, cannot be legally applied once the Agreement between the User and G2A.com has terminated.
Once the Agreement is terminated, all its provisions — including 5.13 — become null. 
I’d also like to remind you that any charge incurred, after Agreement termination, is illegal and will be subject to any and all actions permitted by law, in court.
Again, as per 12.3: “The User may at any time electronically request removal of his account by G2A.COM. G2A.COM is obliged to remove the account without any delay, no later than within three (3) days from the receipt of the User’s request. After such period the agreement is terminated.”
I have already electronically (here) requested removal of my account by G2A.com. You are obliged to remove my account without delay, no later than within the next three (3) days. After such period, the agreement is terminated.
I have taken your reply as an acknowledgment of my request.

Michael had something to add, a little bit like “f**k you, you sit right here!”

G2A (28.02.2017 16:08)
All of the information is clearly displayed for the customer to make an edcuted decision on what he or she is buying. The G2A Shield free trial can be disabled before activation by simply checking the box as “OFF” and it will not be activated. We always advise customer to be thorough when making purchases online not only on G2A but on the internet in general so confusion like this can be avoided.
We can not cancel, delete or alter your account in anyway while you have the G2A Shield active. Please wait until the final 2 days of the free trial to avoid being charged on the 30th day. 
 Thank you again for contacting us. We remain at your disposal in case you need any additional assistance.
 With Best Regards,
Michael S.

Which just made me furious (sorry, I couldn’t take it anymore and used a bit of foul language):

Me (28.02.2017 16:21)
Yes, the information is clearly displayed, but by having it enabled by default without requiring express action from the user in order to subscribe, it is a dark pattern and makes it a scheme to have users sign up for your crappy service.
Regardless of that, being subscribed to G2A Shield, whether it’s on trial or paid, makes no difference — you are currently refusing to cancel a subscription upon my request.
In terms of account removal and Agreement termination, the provisions at chapter 12 Termination DO NOT condition termination to any other provisions of the Agreement (such as the G2A Shield provisions).
May I warn you that you are now deliberately breaching the provisions of “12. Termination” of Terms and Conditions, by not fulfilling my request of removing the account, and as such, deliberately breaching the Agreement.
I hope you will not continue to breach the Agreement, and have my account removed ASAP.
Failure to do so, will force me to pursue legal action.

Then Ivo just out-right lies. Notice how they don’t even mention the paragraphs. Nor the fact they are breaching the Termination clauses.

They must be in there, if they say so, right? Except, there’s no such clause.

G2A (28.02.2017 16:33)
As everything regarding Shield service is stated within the terms and conditions we are not breaching any agreement. It is clearly explained, in detail :
- https://www.g2a.com/terms-and-conditions
Furthermore, it is stated that we will be uanble to remove accounts or services linked to them as this option is given only to the users.
Thank you again for contacting us. We remain at your disposal in case you need any additional assistance.
 With Best Regards,
Ivo P.

Asking for proof, followed by a bit of silence:

Me (28.02.2017 16:38)
Please provide me the actual provision number and paragraph that states you cannot remove accounts or services linked to them — I cannot seem to find it anywhere in your ToC.

Will update, as soon as they come up with anything to cover their lie. Until then, I made sure to have a snapshot of their ToC, just in case they decide to have it modified (which I suspect they’re capable of):


Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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