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My “voice” as you call it is straightforward, unprofessional, and sometimes rude. In my opinion thats ok, because I’m not making you reading it. I don’t have gun to your head saying read it or die. My work is like a movie. You don’t have to watch it, and if its based off a book you’re probably not going to like it. So when i hear that we are going to turn a gush work into this well I’m a bit annoyed. A gush work is a starting prompt then whatever comes to mind at the time. For the majority of my gushes, you would have to be in the room with me and have witnessed everything I’ve done that week for it to make sense. Because, for gush works I take off the filter. I write anything that comes to mind, to think about it, to have “said” it, or to get it off my mind. And, when I have to write a full page off of something I answered in a sentence. To accomplish that I’d have to a lot of pointless filler. I know what my teacher would say “if you’re not frustrated then you’re not learning”. Well that’s just straight up wrong I have learned thousands of things without being frustrated.

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