From Zombie Club to Google

By Aaron Ngo of Breathe Blue

Picture this: you’re in lecture, struggling to keep your head up while your professor drones on about some topic completely unrelated to your major or future goals. You look at the clock and, to your dismay, there’s still 50 minutes left. All of a sudden, a horde of disfigured undead zombies storm into your lecture hall, transforming the bland lecture into quirky confusion. That’s exactly what the Zombie club did a few years ago under the leadership of Scott Christopher. The Zombie Club loved to have fun, but also hosted events like the Ann Arbor Zombie Walk to donate food to local shelters. The Club’s unique and zany vision came about, years ago, through a spontaneous conversation between Scott and his co-director, Derrick Fisher. And although it’s not around on campus anymore, Scott’s entrepreneurial vision and impact certainly is.

(Some photos of the 2013 Ann Arbor Zombie Walk- Note: more gruesome photos were left out)

His junior year, Scott ran as an independent for Central Student Government. His platform of expanding and bringing awareness to mental health on campus resonated with the students on campus, earning him 2nd place, and the most amount of votes out of any independent candidate in school history. Despite the tough loss, Scott still identified an important campus issue that no one was talking about: mental health. His inner entrepreneur pushed him to act on this need in our community. Today, many of the vital mental health services we see around campus can be directly attributed to the work Scott Christopher did during his time on campus.

Scott currently works as a Product Marketing Manager for Google, a place he says “offers the creativity and openness of a startup” and allows him to have an impact on the company and its products. At Google, Scott can continue his passion for innovation and has the chance to work with other amazing individuals, ranging from past Olympians to television personalities. Despite his success, at the core Scott is still just a kid from Grand Rapids with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Scott grew up in an entrepreneurial household. As a boy, he watched his dad start and manage his own construction company. This exposure sparked the entreprenueral mindset which he later expanded at the University of Michigan, when he joined MPowered the fall of 2010 as a freshman, eventually rising to the exec team his junior year. There, Scott was able to refine his skills and work with other individuals committed to innovation and impact. And despite his role in the exec team at the head of the organization, Scott believes that leadership isn’t limited to those at the top. Through MPowered, he grew to realize that leadership isn’t defined by a title, rather it’s about the ideas and commitment you put forth that make an impact on the team. Leadership is about influencing others and leaving a mark, a task that can be done no matter your role on a team, and a task that Scott accomplished at U of M.

For any students interested in entrepreneurship, whether it be starting a tech company, introducing a new product line, or just starting a new student org, Scott has a simple piece of advice: “Just say yes. You never want to pass up on opportunities, even if it does end up in a couple sleepless nights, dive into things as much as you can”. So next time you’re thinking about joining a new club, talking to someone across the room that catches your eye, or about leaving lecture to join the zombified students invading classrooms, take Scott’s advice — just say yes.