Frontline: Effective Tick Repellant and Advertising

While many advertisements sacrifice content for ascetic or humor for information, the ad shown above incorporates it all. It is fun, creative, eye-catching, and still finds room to give the product name/use.

Frontline created a giant image of a dog on the main floor of a building with inward balconies. As can be seen in the image provided, this creates the illusion that the people walking below are ticks. This is better than just adding in graphics of ticks, as this adds a sense of humor to the advertisement that will last with those who view it.

With an ad like this, everyone in the building is bound to see it because of its eye-catching size and abnormal placement. It would sure be the talk of the building too, at least when first put in. Realistically, it would even reach further than just the masses in the building. Being unique and funny, people for sure would take pictures of it to show others. Thats how we are seeing it.

I’m sure this ad cost a lot based on its placement, but I’m sure it was financially worth it. Not only did this ad reach huge audiences, but it was humorous and unique in explanation of product use, thus sticking with those who saw it.

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