5 Reasons This Start-Up is Changing the Fitness World

We investigated a little further into why all of a sudden every woman seems to be gravitating to Mpowher Apparel

1. It’s not about the clothing: This company is based on the empowerment of women and everything they do reflects that. Designed by women, for women, to empower women.

2. Mpowher Apparel is more than a company, they’re a community: They understand the importance of inspiring women to take a step in the right direction everyday. It’s a tight knit community that supports each other in every endeavor.

3. Each purchase is helping a fellow woman: 20% of the proceeds from each purchase goes to local non-profits that are focused on empowering women.

4. Mpowher prides themselves on being real and authentic: By actually making a difference, they only use real women for every aspect of their brand and media. Stories are always being shared about how local women in the community, empower themselves and others.

5. A national company with local values: Mpowher is knee deep in helping to support women reach their goals. By personally giving 10% of their time to help the empowerment of women and young girls by volunteering.