To Crafting A Message

1. “State the idea you wish to express as clearly as possible, and in terms preschoolers can understand.” Example: It is dangerous to play in the street. ​​​​​​

2. “Rephrase in a positive manner,” as in It is good to play where it is safe.

3. “Rephrase the idea, bearing…

Product Team Experience Design Framework


  1. Team of 5–8 people
  • Experience designers
  • Interface designer
  • Researcher
  • Data & analytics team
  • Product manager
  • Sales/Marketing manager

2. Also have access to real people we’re solving for

3. Assuming we have a healthy timeline, if we want to get more scrappy several parts of the following process can be shortened…

Chip and Dan Heath

Principle #1: Simplicity

Finding the essential core of your idea.Master of exclusion. It’s not about being short. It’s not sound bytes. It’s about finding proverbs. The golden rule – a one sentence statement so profound that someone could spend a life time learning it.

Principle #2: Unexpectedness

How do we…

John Thackara

Power Law 1: Don’t think “new product” — think social value.

Power Law 2: Think social value before “tech”.

Power Law 3: Enable human agency. Design people into situations, not out of them.

Power Law 4: Use, not own. Possession is old paradigm.

Power Law 5: Think P2P, not point-to-mass.

Power Law 6: Don’t think faster, think closer.

Power Law 7: Don’t start from zero. Re-mix what’s already out there.

Power Law 8: Connect the big and the small.

Power Law 9: Think whole systems (and new business models, too).

Power Law 10: Think open systems, not closed ones.

Michael Preuss

I’m a Digital Product Leader with expertise in Product Design (UX) and Product Management. My focus is E-commerce, Strategy, and Storytelling.

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