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Das Raum Schiff Erde ist ein Kongress für digitale Philosophie, Experience Design und Netzkultur mit nachhaltig globalem Anspruch. Unter dem Motto Living Sustainable Patterns wird sich am 21.2.16 erneut eine bunte Mischung aus Wissenschaftlern, Social-Media-Experten, Designern, und Medienkünstlern im Nochtspeicher auf St. Pauli in Hamburg treffen.

Dabei ist das Raum…

Ungrateful Heart by Francesco-Fusco

My heart belongs to me.

My heart does not belong to all the social media platforms where I can like and fav all the micro media snippets. Why the heck is it so unbelievable complicated to review and retrieve the stuff that I liked? Privacy is a valid point. But…

The video session during reboot 7 / CC-SA-NC by Ross Mayfield

I do remember.

I do remember a night in 2005 when I had the opportunity for a telephone call with Doug Engelbart.

Douglas C. Engelbart. 30 January 1925 - 2 July 2013

It was a very special call for me to talk with Doug personally. A precious moment in life. I was aware of his contributions to hypertext and to his pioneering research for graphical user interfaces. Now it was the time to prepare a session for the upcoming reboot7 in Copenhagen that I was going to moderate. I simply wanted to adjust wavelengths. It was so much more.

Doug came to an end by saying, “Now I have exhausted you.” – Dunno. Maybe speechless, thinking, energized, thankful, happy.

Infinite City at Sunrise cc Trey Ratcliff

“As he entered the atmosphere, he realized it was all her fault.”

Tina woke up with this line on her mind. “Must be left over from a dream,” she thought. Outside the hotel window, the city of Shanghai woke up as well. Tina was invited to attend an inspirational kickoff…

due to lack of finding a convincing English word

The image above is a good fried of mine. It helped me a lot while writing my thesis. I ended up using FrameMaker and learned to appreciate the zooming function. With a few Cmd-Minus strikes it was possible to zoom out to see the entire document with plenty of pages as little thumbnails. Click somewhere else to set the cursor, and Cmd-Plus-Plus-Plus set the scale back to 100% to continue writing on another section.

There was just one problem: little stamp size images of pages all look the same! How to tell which is which? Therefore I placed the image of the scratched paper on the pages where I wanted to continue writing. Thanks to these visual cues it was possible to spot the areas in progress while looking at my document from a bird’s eye view.

high definition range photo by mprove

A brief intro to HDR photography

The headline might be misleading. This article is not about photos of sandwiches. Instead it briefly presents a method to layer several photos on top of each other to create unique effects.

What is HDR? A high definition range photo is computed out of a set of regular photos with…

NoraSnapseed Portraits by mprove

I am convinced that the Medium is the Message. For me it means that you perceive the world in terms of the tools and media you know, and what you have experienced until then. …

by mprove

v1: 22-Apr-2013, v8: 7-July-2013

This Medium article is aiming to constructively criticize and therefore to improve the Medium. Some issues might be changed. Others will touch fundamental principles, and therefore they are impossible to change without building a Medium 2.0.

Furthermore it is my first article, and it will teach me how to use…


Human-Computer Interactivist :

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