The video session during reboot 7 / CC-SA-NC by Ross Mayfield

A Tribute to Doug Engelbart

I do remember.

I do remember a night in 2005 when I had the opportunity for a telephone call with Doug Engelbart.

Douglas C. Engelbart. 30 January 1925 - 2 July 2013

It was a very special call for me to talk with Doug personally. A precious moment in life. I was aware of his contributions to hypertext and to his pioneering research for graphical user interfaces. Now it was the time to prepare a session for the upcoming reboot7 in Copenhagen that I was going to moderate. I simply wanted to adjust wavelengths. It was so much more.

Doug came to an end by saying, “Now I have exhausted you.” – Dunno. Maybe speechless, thinking, energized, thankful, happy.

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