The Day Unheralded

Day One of the andela Self Learning Clinic (SLC)went well mixed with fret, anxiety and eagerness. Like a child with a new toy I straight away went into playing without checking out for a manual. By the end of the day I noticed I had made many clumsy mistakes.

Then Came day Two; Like day one I was excited to see what the day had to offer, so I fired up my computer to get started expecting all other factors to remain constant; Well I must have been kidding myself because 5 minutes into watching the first video I hear the beep from the inverter. Now the inverter we have here is so old it just serves as a warning for when power has gone (...but that’s a story for another day).

Few minutes later my computer starts warning low battery, to myself I think, “I’ll just go to town, they probably have power”. Right; I get into the car and rush to the internet cafe and find them running on a generator so they don’t allow me to plug my laptop; so I run to the next street and also no power, I begin to think I am going to all the wrong places, so try a clinic (one of those fancy private clinics) well because they somehow always have power only that this time I was wrong.

Time check 12:00 pm; I still have this cloud of bad luck hovering over my head it occurs to me that there is a power outage in the whole of Kabale (or atleast my area) I’m stuck with not much to do, my laptop at this point was with out any power left my phone slowly dying away, meanwhile I’m not sharing my predicament on the team chat lines but I am somewhat active I get to see other people talking about the same problem (No power). All that is going on in my head is “This is the end of the road for me, No one in UMEME is in Kabale, power wont be back till I don’t know when” I’m Really frustrated at this point.

Time check 1:50 pm, I’m lying on my bed staring at the ceiling and suddenly the bulb lights up; Power (read Electricity) is back, I kid you not, I have never been so excited about a light bulb lighting. I fidgeted to plug in my laptop and got online straight to the chat only to find people speaking gibberish stuff I had no idea of but knew I’d be encountering them. so I notify my team I’m back online and get to serious business at this point I have lost so much time, panicky and don’t know where to start so I get a breather and decide to take the bull by the horns. The Day 2 challenge is what I aim for thinking it’d be as fair as the former.

(Spoke too soon!). Yes It was as tough as being in the middle of a nice dream and in that dream you want to pee but can’t find any toilets… whoa, I instantly accepted defeat and took to the team to ask for help. I got it alright, but i wasn’t going to ask for everything from them.This was the day Unheralded, a day from hell. I managed to set up a virtual environment but where to go from there I was handicapped.

Time check: 6:00 pm, I’m frustrated and drained I have failed to meet the day’s deadline, I am not one to dwell on excuses but make away and today had gone just like that, time has never gone by fast like when you are late. I had lost track of all i was supposed to do until later when the LFA posts to remind us about the blog we had to post.

Time check: 8:15 pm, I am still writing this blog post about my experiences today. Well my experiences on this day were of failed improvisations, blocks, and accountability. For the time lost during the day I plan to stay up all night catching up on the videos and the day 2 challenge. I am really happy that there are people out there (read Team) who were ready to help me when I needed help and I can rely on.

So while many go to sleep tonight I will be catching up on lost time trying to get to up speed. I hope the night won’t be as bad as the day as the mosquitoes keep me company.

Time check: 8:30 pm, Andela SLC Day 2 here I come; well even if it’s night for me.

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