Why the Blockchain is Getting Boring

And that’s really exciting

Mar 4, 2016 · 2 min read

In 2015, Gartner declared that “Cryptocurrencies” and “Cryptocurrency Exchange” were either headed into or well within the Trough of Disillusionment. The foundation for such technology - the Blockchain - isn’t even represented on their 2015 Hype Curve, and so one assumes that as of August, 2015, that foundation must have been mired in disillusionment as well. However, here in early 2016, we’re starting to see signs that folks are really starting to “get” the Blockchain.

More and more news comes out about uses and implementations of the Blockchain every day, and it’s almost always unsexy, nuanced, non-consumer-facing, and solving some really big problems.

What is Blockchain?

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Matt Quirion

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Director, Product Engineering @ STAQ. Specialization is for insects. Into IoT, Web, dev, food, football, data, beer, biz, etc... Not so much insects.

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