An Empty Soul

The feeling stays, rarely ever fades. The path mostly dark, with sparingly few sparks.

My vision and dreams corrupted, the windows to my soul have lost their twinkle and light.

Yet, I walk…

People around have the appearance of brilliant ambition and cheer, confident and fearless. Yet, here I am, a zombie among the living.

Every effort, draining. All speech, strained. My mind agitated with fear and pain.

Won’t it be nice, I think to myself, when my time comes? Yet, maybe in a little while something will happen.

Time always seems to have something for me, so maybe the journey to the finish line will be eventful.

Life has its ups and downs. Got to hang in there for the ups. But most importantly, I must learn to see all of the good that is hidden from my sight in the present.


I might edit this. I just wanted to say something current. If anyone can relate to any of that (some of it’s a little exaggerated) leave a comment.

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