Thanks for this question.
Kate Starbird

Thank you for the response.

It’s a concern of mine because I would no doubt be considered a “conspiracy theorist” by many people. However, I feel many of the same problems you’ve cited in your work cross over as a problem of concern with information literacy in general. Much ink could be spilled and most likely has been on this this topic and it would no doubt bog down the posts on your blog.

Imo, people like Cass Sunstein obfuscate the issue of “conspiracy theory” when they sign their name up to ideas like this from a U.S. News and World Report article: “From the CIA being accused of arranging for President John F. Kennedy’s assassination to claims the U.S. government is concealing evidence of alien life”. I have a real problem with alien life, bigfoot (or crisis actors for that matter) being linked in an uncritical manner with events like the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 (which the official narrative IS a conspiracy theory btw) or the Boston Bombing which, when studied, to varying degrees raise serious questions about the official narrative.

I appreciate your time in gathering and posting your research as well as interacting on your comment section.

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