How I went from zero to San Francisco software engineer in 12 months
Sean Smith

As a real professional in this field, I’m calling bullshit on this fluff shill writeup that appears to be name-dropping. I’m not going to let this crap be fed to anyone looking to break in the technology sector.

[UPDATE: I did not realize this so-called “narrative” was written under an entity Free Code Camp — the same entity the writer name-dropped. This is a really scummy marketing tactic and I’m betting the other people in the comment section may be fake reviews. ]

If you not self-taught or surrounded yourself by peer experts, I don’t give a damn what free code camp or Google code school you went to — you basic and generic. There is plenty of YouTube videos by peer programmer showing step-by-step how to code. Only self-taught and self-learners are respected.

Coding or a code monkey has been zero-summed and raced to the bottom for nearly 15 years. People around the world can code, perform automated testing and manage the production version starting at $3/hour. For someone in 2017 still selling that 1997 learn HTML hustle tells me there are suckers looking to be seen in a scene.

I’m an architect and can easily code stub out an entire application to ship overseas and have it completed with automated testing and code integrity one need for an American based coder in the 21st century.

What is needed is talent that knows DevOps or Agile and work with the customer to keep delivering value. That requires understanding the business and the tools and techniques to deliver results.

I been in this industry 20+years and you want to know how a real tech talent find a job? They just turn their ringer off mute and answer all the incoming calls of headhunters trying to hire them. I used to get 300 calls a week asking me to work somewhere that’s the real tech story and that was the beginning of my career.

If you have a portfolio and sample walkthrough and self-publishing solutions, they hunt you don’t submit resumes.

One more thing Silicon Valley is overrated so choose a Fortune 500 instead. Silicon Valley still have to sell whatever they create while Fortune 500 goes directly to market, giving you firsthand exposure to critical mass market.

I don’t know why this coding talk keep coming up but I’m the real thing and will tell all of you reading this BS the real picture.

NLP or natural language processing will do away with the coding career altogether. Machine learning create their own routine and populate their own datasets — this is not future this is right now.

No one needs a damn coder, especially an American one. Learn workflows, big data and DevOps/Agile/LEAN. I will write a detailed expert real world response to this fluff shill anecdotal piece of work article.

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