Ed, no offence, but no real experienced professional acts like this in public.
Attila Vágó


I’m an experienced professional and an expert and you don’t tell me how I carry myself. You thinking this is orthodox tells me you not at the level I’m at and you appealing to script kiddies and amateur hour with your commentary.

No offense but you can shove your commentary somewhere. You not going to lecture me or anybody on how to handle anything in tech. I handle things my way to deliver results that produce value. Funny how I can set you straight and drop knowledge at the same time, huh?

Profesionalism in tech? Yeah, put your ass on the radar with something and see how fast someone like me take and flip what you got and show you how that “professional” stuff works in tech. This is a highly competitive industry where dirty wars goes on at my caliber. I’m both professional and certified while you talking out the side of your neck about me which is likely based on bias..

Go somewhere with your nonsense…