You are coming up as a real racist, do you know this?
Sceptical Meerkat

Awww.. you triggered? And you hiding behind some silly alias. What’s wrong, got to be lurking or veiled when a strong black man is present? Kinda prove the point, right?

When I see the non-American word like “coloured” instead of the proper American “colored” I do realized there may be some different context and background. Do you use the word parlour instead of the proper American “parlor” also?

Next time, please make sure you give a background where you from if you non-American knowing you speaking to an African-American.

Your commentary about what you saw and didn’t see in tech has no context or could have just been a lame clown in a cube working among 15 employees for 25 years.

Or you could be where all the real action at in tech, the real power, all around the money where privileged men tend to feel empowered to have his way with women and try to exclude strong black men to not be in their way, like the white liberals in Silicon Valley and Hollywood you referenced.

To be honest, your response sound lightweight and your anecdotal is weak. I’m still trying to figure out what you was trying to say other than being triggered.. come on, tell us..what part got you triggered? Please let a brother know..

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