Costco-Stocked Cabinet Bodega Show How Worthless Silicon Valley is to the Fourth Industrial Revolution Urbanization Shift

This is the best Silicon Valley can Deliver in the 21st Century…Seriously….

This Bodega cabinet has to be the most laughable hipster shit hyped up by Business Insider and Fast Company, known media shills for Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms. Before we even get started, I hope no one invested more than $200 from Home Depot for the cabinet and a trip to Costco to stuff the cabinet with wholesale sweet and salty snacks to build this crap out as a viable business model because they going to lose a lot of money.

This pathetic attempt by Bodega is called a “self-checkout market” or “micro-market” and this model have been around for over a decade. This is probably one of the most annoying college-level hackathon projects everybody does on the mobile commerce track around the world because this is so ubiquitous. And because so many people already did this model, let’s talk about what already been addressed in this model.

A real micro-market that would actually be a real threat to corner bodegas

The first problem is the sweet & salty snacks you see in the Bodega pics — that’s not what self-checkout markets are for. The true self-checkout market differential advantage is to provide mostly perishables like fresh fruits and prepared salads and deli meats to complement the existing vending machines offering sweet and salty snacks. When I look at the Bodega PR photo above and see what is stocked in the cabinet, I see some unrefrigerated can sodas at the bottom telling me these pictures is just some bullshit Costco trip run.

From a technical standpoint — the claim this cabinet can detect what is being removed is bullshit. The only way they would know inventory is if they RFID tagged all of the cheap ass sweet and salty snacks they bought at Costco which would add .10 to .30 to the cost of the cheap ass snacks. Remember, I’m the guy that called Amazon on its bullshit of using computer vision for their self-checkout store knowing they could not track objects with cameras if a dozen people came in there wearing all-white clothes. I’m from the hood and know how clever the cats are especially with freezer bags and other ways to take from others.

But that is not the worst part of this because this shows exactly how worthless Silicon Valley area is in the age of urbanization technology. The so-called ex-Google employees appear clueless about doing business in urban areas and creating solutions in urban areas. Their VC investors appear clueless but these are the same Silicon Valley VC idiots that propped up a clown black token named Tristan Walker peddling razor blade subscription boxes to us black guys when the majority of us brothas use Wahl clippers instead of blades to shave ourselves — did they even asked a black person how they shaved or just asked Tristan Walker black friends? These Silicon Valley characters get their research off PowerPoint presentations and 5-minute elevator pitches meaning they don’t know much of anything about urban lifestyles and solutions and opportunities or even the culture of urban communities to offer anything of value.

Various IoT devices at the World Internet of Things Expo in Wuxi, China — Real News Stuff

We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in Wuxi, China a few days ago, an awesome conference on IoT technology was held and they demonstrated everything from pre-paying a bus ticket at a bus station against a kiosk that let the bus driver know where to stop, improving efficiency. Self-check in micro-gym club memberships with smart treadmills to create “virtual running clubs” and meanwhile, Silicon Valley have ex-Google guys who stuff some Costco sweet and salty snacks in a wood cabinet and Fast Company and Business Insider hype these two hipster characters as the next best thing in mobile commerce technology with their Swedish-looking class-cabinet furniture.

Silicon Valley has long been a racist/sexist joke in the global tech scene self-promoting themselves as innovative and cutting-edge for way too long. Even the Venture Capital clowns are a joke and outdated still using “series-based” funding rounds piling on money towards a white male ex-Google stereotype when everybody else around the world doing “story-based” funding to fulfill actual customer user stories to deliver focused-based solutions such as smart city and blockchain.

As the rest of the real world move forward into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and global urbanization initiatives, expect Silicon Valley to play a major role in the 21st century doing what Silicon Valley do best — sexually harass and underpay women in tech, exclude black people except tokens and come up with stupid ideas like Bodega that have no basis in the real world and write up self-gratuitous fluff articles in Fast Company and Business Insider.

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