The sentiment about taking your talents where they will be valued is great and I wholly agree with…
Digital Sapeur

Digital Sapeur (alias name huh?),

You are obviously not in the tech industry from your commentary. I’m in the tech industry and an expert in the industry. I can easily tell immediately you do not have any skills or value and if you had, you would have known who you was talking to before text-typing your lightweight commentary. Your other commentary I see on Medium is that of someone who like to talk and text-type a lot on opinions. I actually laughed when you said “build with you” in London and Lagos as if I’m not already doing so in London and Lagos with real tech talent — you obviously not knowing who you talking to.

Some people like yourself like to hear yourself talk more than you know anything, just like the cornball Brian Bracken you came here trying to defend. Your opinion, your sentiments or whatever you think/feel don’t mean a damn thing in the tech industry. This is a highly competitive STEM-based industry that is fast moving and the game is being faster, smarter and more scalable.

You really bothered how I approached Brian Bracken? I’m capable of neutralizing everything Brian Bracken built because that is my skillset and expertise and Brian is simply not at a tech skill level to hold his down — like I said, you don’t even know who you talking to as you hide behind a Digital Sapeur alias. In this tech industry, you will find yourself up against uber-talent and legendary people known only to the experts who know how to hack your server/code, know how to take your customer base, know how data manipulate your facts or know how to simply reverse engineer and copy whatever success you put out. Getting a “write-up” is the least of the worries for a tech entrepreneur.

Getting a “write-up” or validation-seeking is not going to get you or anybody anywhere in this industry and that is what Brian Bracken was trying to do. Brian Bracken is trying to sell a commodity tech service that major tech players already cornered the market in and is desperate for attention more than being industry competitive. So this is why he is so emotional over not getting a “write-up” and blaming it on his race or not being “black enough” which is phony. Brian Bracken is a validation-seeker and only emotional, opinionated non-talent like yourself who go online with an alias like “digital sapeur” would defend him.

The only thing that is heard in this tech industry is skills and value and I suggest if you don’t have them, don’t go around text-typing where you don’t have the chops to have a real genuine conversation on the matter.

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