Don’t Let It Take a Wall Street Journal Article or New York Times Write Up to Realize Ethereum and Bitcoin Obsoleted

Doesn’t matter how much money/investments pooled in existing blockchain entities the same way it didn’t matter during the dotcom or housing bubble. Doesn’t matter how many excited geeks with no real-world experience with the ground game continue to talk about things like blocks and forks or bit chunks.

It was simply idiotic to create a non-resilient system and pseudo-programming dataset then create a boondoggle called ICO around it. The 1990s are calling Ethereum and asking them to bring back their embedded scripting technology. Natural language blockchain has already been developed, can be used by anybody, developed in any language and easier to understand and accept by the critical mass. Natural language blockchain is very disruptive because it is Fourth Industrial Revolution facing.

The biggest paradigm benefit of natural language blockchain is (a) the ability for both bots and humans to understand the same statement transforming transactions from math-based to conversational-based using learned logic and learned reasoning and (b) the ability for a “pop-up blockchain” that using a natural language ledger to record a business operation activities in a play-by-play natural language log like a black box device that can be re-used later to startup other business operations. Those two paradigms of the natural blockchain are indisputable and real.

I want you to watch the so-called blockchain experts operate in cognitive dissonance and denial clinging on to outdated tech like Ethereum and Bitcoin and other similar stuff to maintain their positioning as the natural language blockchain takes off. Keep reading their silly articles on “forking” being posted while natural language blockchain takes off and watch this evolution fold out in real-time. Seriously, sit back and watch the show and this is a another good examples of those who pretend they are the agent of change cannot grasp the fact they can also the victim of change as well if they stop innovating and stay stuck on forks and block bits or whatever.

To keep pushing Bitcoin, forks and other non-sensical geek-speak terms waiting for a New York Times article to tell you the current approach to blockchain with archaic JavaScript code routines instead of NLP AI interpretation as well as advocating outdated Satoshi concepts on distributed computing is just being back in 2008 still believing your McMansion is going to rise in price because you bought it back in 2001 on a jumbo loan.

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