Hollywood and Silicon Valley Exclude Strong Black Men to Create a P*ssy Grabbing Culture

Organizations and collusion structures composed of a single race and single sex are engineered to keep dirty secrets and dirty work under the radar. Think of drug cartels and criminal gangs and keep in mind — even in family-based criminal organizations, it is still just the family men doing dirt while the women are left out of the details. The same race/same sex makeup of an shady organization is also prevalent within Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue and why these places go out of their way to make sure the black guy doesn’t get the job, the role or even acknowledged.

It’s a very easy litmus test to tell if an organization in most American sectors are ethical or dirty — just look quickly at the number of strong black men you see on the set.

When I say “strong black men” that is exactly what it means — a strong black man who can stand on his own and hold his own and don’t answer like a boy to other men. You’ll know a strong black man when you see one and you will also see these weak token brothers “going along to get along” and you can quickly detect those as well. If you see strong black men on deck and represented; you can be comfortable there is an authentic attempt at diversity in that environment. If women do not see strong black men on deck and still take the job; then I have something to say to these woman that want to claim sexual harassment later.

These women that went to work in Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley knew damn well those white male privilege actors did not want strong black men around. But she made the decision to go with the white male privilege system to selfishly advance herself knowing she sold out other women coming behind her who also have to face the same risks like her.

That woman did not enter that white male privilege structure to “change anything” or spin around like Lynda Carter and turn into Wonder Woman and turn everything into sexual equality — no, she went into that system to advance herself and wonder how far she willing to tolerate the guys to get where she want. I don’t appreciate the “babe in the woods” routine by these alleged sexual harassment victims when it comes to accusing Silicon Valley VCs or Hollywood producer years later after the fact when she knew back then from the start but said she’ll go along.

Right now, we are seeing a lot of “black women like f*cking white guys” movies coming out in Hollywood and keep in mind these movies are not best-sellers and usually released straight to DVD or Netflix. So what are we going to do right now — wait years later in 2028 for these black women actors in those type of movies shows up crying on social media these “swirling sista f*cking white guys” roles were the only roles she was offered as black women breaking into Hollywood by the industry?

Right now, we seeing a stereotypical black woman with curly hair in the tech industry where she don’t have any tech skills bragging she getting “VC funded” and know she being used as a “double-minority” of black and woman to fill diversity quota check boxes. What we going to do right now, wait years later in 2028 for these black “tech” women to start typing on social media after she didn’t get anywhere but sexually harassed and she finally admit to being used as a double-minority black/woman to allow the firm avoid hiring black men, Asian men or Latina women?

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?”
“I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people.”
-Donald Sterling, Former Owner of the LA Clippers

These punk ass white male privileged systems in Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Madison Avenue work to exclude strong black men because they have a racial fear the women at their workplace turning into “brother lovers” and this fear threatens their status quo environment where everyone has to respect the system of white privilege money, publicity and influence.

Another factor is strong black men are not 100% attracted to the type of women the white male privilege parades around as workplace sex trophies so strong black men do not have the same sexualized taste and cannot be incentivized in this matter. And last, strong black men ain’t taking any shit from anybody entertaining white male privilege.

White male privilege systems will desperately work to exclude us strong black men in order to create and maintain a workplace environment where white men are worshiped and women can be staged as a sexual conquest with structured impunity.

As one of the strong black man being excluded by these punk ass white privilege actors, I cannot personally respect any woman who decided to go along with the game actively excluding strong black men and excluded strong women and she cries about it later.

She knew the moment she was physically in Weinstein hotel room she was creating the same evil rite of passage for another woman to repeat the same journey. These curly headed black women who fully know they being used as a double check on the diversity checkbox, she knew she was being used by white male privilege as a prop while black men, Latina women and Asian men and Asian women are excluded. I can’t feel sorry for these black women chasing white privilege in tech when she show up on CNN saying a white guy she was working with spontaneously stood up and pulled his penis out on her.

If you want to break in any industry and you go to an interview or opportunity and you don’t see the presence of strong black men on the set, then walk the fuck backward and go elsewhere. It’s not complicated.

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