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Hope I can contribute in a productive way. Nothing is more resilient than physical currency and nothing more anonymous and more powerful than a bag of money with no name on it. In addition, fiat currency has hundreds of years of respect on it. This is not the path digital currencies should pursue.

Products like yours focus too much on P2P instead of B2B and B2C and does not acknowledge any parties greater than P2P. Until then, you simply not there just like Dash and XMR if you are not looking at the real-world use case and understand the true demand — faster settlement not between people who spend $20-$70/day at most but operations that does enormous amount of exchange a day and need faster resolve and trustless platform for mutual assurance.

Please don’t bring the same tired argument 4QTR2016 about these same talking points about cryptocurrencies that are basically solutions no one really asked for..

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