How Swagg-Scientific Creating a Fourth Industrial Revolution Smart Corporation

Over at my firm Swagg-Scientific, we are applying the final touches of our foundation for a semi-autonomous “smart corporation” to compete and operate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our firm, Swagg-Scientific is an urban-based technology solution provider and our mission is to better the lives and environment of urban centers worldwide.

A smart corporation is similar to a “smart home” and the term “smart” is used to contrast the current state of “dumb” where enhanced services, augmented intelligence and automated workflows are layered on top of a traditional “dumb” asset or entity. In a smart home, sensors can detect human activity and automatically adjust the temperature or provide light intensity as well as restock food and personal care items. With a smart corporation, corporate bylaws can be interpreted during board meetings, shareholders are automatically provided metrics in real-time, talent can be contracted, purchase order generated, automated press content created and posted to social media.

Swagg-Scientific is being developed as a semi-autonomous “smart” corporation where shareholders are given unprecedented transparency to our ledgers and operations. While traditional corporations will balk at this level of transparency, we are excited at the potential level of engagement from our stakeholders in seeing day-to-day operations and watch the health level of a corporation operate to maximize shareholder value while delivering products and services that adds value. We are leveraging distributed ledger technology and PKI technology to provide our shareholders real-time access to dashboards and reports as if they are monitoring the stats of a sporting event.

But there is another exciting element to a “smart corporation” and this is the gamechanger — reuse. A “smart corporation” can collect enough data and learn over time to apply acquired knowledge to new ventures. As Jack Ma recently noted, we are going to see AIs replacing CEOs at corporations and the 21st century Fourth Industrial Revolution biggest prize is the first smart mover AI that can quickly take over markets and launch new ventures.

As an example, think of a AI-driven house music record label where house music fans fund the smart corporation and the smart corporation automatically sign and distribute acts, cutting losses early and double down on fast movers increasing the shareholder value. Artists signed to the label can accept shares that will increase in value over time as new artists seek to sign on to have their works distributed.

Our design and approach to creating a smart corporation divides activities into two sectors — the customer-facing front-end and the operation-based back-end.

For the front-end operation of our smart corporation, we are engaged in the customer lifecycle to generate gross revenue. Instead of components such as a CRM, the full stack is implemented in a smart corporation system.

Awareness. The smart corporation can distribute branded media assets from white papers, social media posts and video distribution to the critical mass. In addition, presenters and demonstrators and the sales team can be trained by the smart corporation with e-learning techniques.

Transaction. The smart corporation guides the customer into a sales transaction using conversational commerce or work with affiliates and distributors to facilitate the transaction with the customer. Payment methods are traditional but will likely require the use of “smart banks” that allow API exposure — a must for a smart corporation. If “smart banks” are not available, virtual currency will fill the void.

Fulfillment. The delivery of the product or service, physical or digital will be directives for resources to carry out. The customer will be kept in the loop of the status of the fulfilment. The fulfilment can range from omni-channel BOPIS at a retailer to shipping container distribution logistics.

Support. This is an interactive version of the awareness process to notify customers of issues, recalls, FAQs and solicit feedback for continuous improvement.

For the back-end operation of our smart corporation, the goal is to maximize revenue for shareholders.

Talent. Smart corporations can recruit and release employees or contractors to carry out operations and directives. It is likely employees will be shareholders and stakeholders at an employee-owned smart corporation. The primary talent management approach for a smart corporation is contracting entities to carry out functions.

Assets. These are the stocks, cash on hand, inventory, business equipment and physical holdings that belong to the smart corporation to leverage. In our smart corporation, we are using a “settlement token” representative of the US Dollar to represent the market value, depreciation and liquidity of assets held by the smart corporation.

Ledgers. The ledgers are using blockchain technology to allow shareholders to inspect and interrogate. Most information will be encrypted on the blockchain for proprietary and maintain corporate competitive advantage but overall, asset ledgers, tax ledgers, account payable and account receiver ledgers will be managed by the smart corporation and provided to stakeholders via distributed ledger technology.

Operation. This is essentially the backlog epics and work items using the LEAN or Agile process. The board of directors vote on prioritizing from the backlog to deliver maximum value to shareholders and the operations are carried out by talent and a budget from the asset. An operation is also assigned a ledger to track spending and stay on budget using the internal settlement token as currency.

Swagg-Scientific has an impressive foundation made up of digital properties to help us deliver our goal to be a smart corporation serving urban centers with solutions. Here is our upcoming platform and solutions:

Swagg-Scientific Corporate Web Site. The goal of the corporate web site is to provide awareness by allowing a centralized place for stories and brand development. We have technology that allow us to automatically post news and stories as a feed and distribute to social media and other channels to spread awareness. No longer “brochureware” or “portal” the corporate site serves as the official voice of the smart corporation.

Kossier. This is the world first natural language blockchain platform allowing customers to facilitate a new paradigm of transactions. A natural language blockchain is self-explanatory: “purchase 12-week access to yoga sessions” which is a directive digitally signed by multiple parties, ratified and executed by a bot and recorded on a blockchain distributed ledger. In addition, cryptographic identities are “leased” to customers where no personal information reside on Kossier to be compromised. Kossier made the international debut in the Dubai blockchain hackathon early 2017 and was previewed to African-Americans last November 2016 extensively to showcase the features. A very powerful urban-based API platform designed to build applications and infrastructure to quickly create urban-based solutions. is a massive gamechanger combining the elements of time, space of movement into “blocks” to create new paradigms of urban-based business models and smart workflows. One thing you should notice is the QR code login that links back to Kossier — Kossier serves as a 2-factor login system for Swagg-Scientific applications or third party applications. Swagg-Scientific applications and brands will be developed on top of the framework.

Kolin Avers. This is a very important member of our foundation requiring us to push back our release date to incorporate our media management and distribution platform. Kolin Avers allows us (and customers) upload their digital assets from images, video, audio and documents and distribute to their customer. The distribution can be a download link or tokenized to allow pay-per-access functionality and can be used in conjunction with Kossier to provide digital media sales and distribution directly to Kossier user base. Kolin Avers is powerful enough to run High Street jumbotrons and digital signage as well as paid podcasts and digital streaming services, allowing our smart corporation to communicate directly with customers.

Swagg-Scientific Account. Provide billing and transaction services for Swagg-Scientific products and services. Subscription plans, invoice billing and prepaid access are some of the options as well as voucher activation allowing us to sell activation cards to customers in controlled markets.

All of these properties are connected to Swagg-Scientific smart corporation approach to deliver an unprecedented experience as a startup and as a smart corporation offering full transparency with shareholders and deliver products and services for urban centers around the world in an unparalleled disruptive fashion.

The possibilities and potential we developed here at Swagg-Scientific is extremely awesome in terms of future opportunities and value we can deliver to both our customers and our stakeholders. This article isn’t even the official announcement of Swagg-Scientific but it’s enough to show how serious we are into moving forward into the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the smart corporation concept we are working into a reality.