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If you are an African-American or a woman, notice what we have here — someone who shows up as an anonymous profile and start being mouthy. This is how these passive-aggressive punk bigots try to come at us. I been around long enough and Mark act like he is original.

Mark knows a dude like me would handle him so he hides behind an alias. Noticed he can’t hold a conversation on technology so he reduced to saying I’m still typing or talking, that’s how these punks operate. At the end of the day they want a say in trying to annoy or harrass or have a last word, but Mark don’t realize how we roll over here.

The minute someone like Mark step up real world, I promise I’ll show you how we do things nowadays and still handle our business in this world. The fact a black man from the hood got a guy like Mark hiding behind an alias is an accomplishment in itself..