Ed great article.
Timothy P. Washington

I’m currently working to launch an initiative right now and producing tons of artifacts right now. The best way to connect is I will almost always respond to comments, even the stupid ones.

Your inquiry about quantum-proofing a blockchain can be answered here. The quantum computing disruption and planned obsolescence will impact the concept of “consensus” and proof-of-stake.

The blockchain by design will always be a single point of entry and a single source of the official distributed ledger.

We are way more advanced in blockchain/DLT models and can assure you single point DLT is where the opportunities are at, not Ethereum or any of the others like Hyperledger approach. The Bank of Japan and European Central Bank just recently dismissed consensus-based blockchain DLT as not ready for prime-time after conducting several trials.

In an upcoming article I will show how to obsolete this Bodega nonsense with a natural language blockchain where the entire supply chain use the blockchain to stock and sell.

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