I think the author wanted to make a point about collaboration, and used Despacito as an analogy to…
Sean Newman Maroni

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t James Damore intent to belittle the role of diversity in HR recruiting and just wanted to explain Google practices is not genuine. Damore failed because he wanted to communicate through asserting his narrow view than appreciate the overall goal of diversity.

Reggaeton success of collaboration as well as the success of all YouTube collaboration come from musical diversity of styles and artists and genre, not the individuals who appear on the track. I don’t need to blog about how Reggaeton started in New York among the Dominican/Puerto Rican community after Sean Paul Dutty Rock influence and culturally moved through Mexico and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean due to the blend of styles and genre.

The success of Despacito is the majority of people around the world can identify their genre in the song and appreciate the diversity in the video. It’s not because of two individuals collaborating, it’s bigger than them two.. the audience made it popular.

And that goes back to white privilege and the original point of Hackernoon that simply resistant to understanding the value of diversity but cannot even understand how Reggaeton became so big due to diversity or the other cross-ethnic collaborations on YouTube due to diversity.

In their mind, Justin Bieber may had something to do with it or it was individual collaboration…that’s the problem which those who don’t want to recognize diversity and think this is some individuals that working together.