I vehemently disagree with this narrative for several reasons:
Jay Me

Jay it is extremely unimportant if you agree or disagree in this context. It is our sistas perception we need to pay attention to. If you actually dated and loved black women and had meaningful relationships with a black woman, you would understand empathy and listening instead of trying to agree or disagree.

It is not becoming of a black man to agree or disagree, we handle it or make it right, that’s our job and role as black men…I don’t know where all this opinion agree/disagree stuff come from. I don’t know any black man I had as a mentor teaching me how to survive said anything about agreements or disagreements..that some snowflake stuff right there.

So your listicle numbered response was inappropriate behavior. If the sistas feel we black men are not there, then we listen and work to make right.

She is our sista and we owe her that..this is not the time, place nor our primal nature as men to argue or discuss how we “feel” or what we “agree/disagree” to..

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