Why It’s Racist to Call China the Silicon Valley of the Sharing Economy
Ed Dunn

Jim Daly, a writer for magazines such as Forbes, Wired and more have decided to block me on Medium for exposing his obvious bias and promotion of white privilege racism in the technology sector. Also I exposed a so-called professional tech writer or journalist who published false and incorrect information to portray Silicon Valley as an influencer in the growth of China sharing economy.

After blocking me, Jim Daly then went back to his article and pretended he is “lecturing me” or “talking back to me” without my presence in the room. This is the activity of people who subscribe to exclusion culture and white privilege and his activity just proven my point. They have negative/exclusion opinions about blacks and women in tech but block them or make women sign disparagement clauses at the workplace to avoid having accountability for their words and actions.

True technology experts like me sat quietly for too long behind the scenes busy doing work while opportunists and fakes mostly in Silicon Valley use techniques like racism, sexism and diversionary tactics to divide and conquer in the technology field.

As an expert who happen to be African-American, I will take on the necessary leadership and draw from my expertise and experience to contribute authentic information for people at large about the true landscape of technology around the world from real-world experience and exposure.

Fake white-privilege facing writers like Jim Daly and garbage media outlets like Fast Company, Forbes (Forbes is actually majority Chinese-owned), Wired and more that puts out white-facing narratives will no longer be tolerated by the likes of me or my peers who want everybody in our industry properly represented and credited.

I hope there can be a new day in how tech news will be reported in a fair, accurate manner.

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