Letting Silicon Valley Waste Their Bigoted Money on Tristan Walker Before Tearing It All Down

Tristan Walker at a technology conference full of non-blacks talking about selling a non-tech product to black customers.

Tristan Walker is basically a propped-up token by Silicon Valley leveraging a racist strategy called tokenism expecting this strategy to work in his favor. Tokenism is a practice where a discriminatory system like Silicon Valley will find one individual resembling the ethnic/gender group they discriminating against as a whole and prop the one individual up as the “model minority” to manufacture a perception they do not discriminate against that group.

In America, the biggest group dealing with tokenization are not us black people — the biggest group tokenized are Asian people where Asian tokens are asked to get cosmetic surgery (nose job, eyelids) to “look white” and preferences for not having a strong Asian accent or Asian cultural values, so just in case you think this is some “black victim” article, ha, you wrong. Indian people get the racist token discriminatory treatment too in America just in case they hiding in the background thinking they special with an discriminatory preferential treatment towards Indians with lighter brown skin and willing to shorten their family name to be accepted in Western society. Tokenization of cultures harms people as a whole at the expense of one or two “model minorities” and should not be tolerated and definitely should be called out when you see it in practice such as Tristan Walker activities going on right now.

Tristan Walker is operating a black/ethnic hair care firm in a scumbag manner attempting to leverage the structural racism against blacks and the discriminatory tokenization patterns and practices to his advantage as a “upper hand” to compete against established black/ethnic beauty competitors. However, let’s cut to the chase — Tristan Walker and his VC handlers attempting to media-manipulate the black/ethnic hair care market as a token is about as pathetic as the Democratic Party hyper-funding of Tommy Jon Ossoff campaign to take on an established Republican candidate Karen Handel in an established Republican Congressional district in Red State Georgia. I mean, you can hype Tommy Jon Ossoff all up in the media and pour millions in his campaign and talk him up on social media, TV and political posters and phone calls, the people were always going to vote for the candidate genuinely part of their community. All that DNC money and time wasted for the obvious outcome.

Same with Tristan Walker and his Walker & Company — you can hype Tristan Walker all up on the Internet and brag about the funding but at the end of the day, black folks are going to support the local black/ethnic beauty entrepreneurs who are immersed in black community and culture like they have been doing for the past 120 years. We can go back to the straightening comb by Madam CJ Walker to Soft Sheen commercials on Soul Train to the Jerri Curl to the African braiding salons and Dominican hair salons and see the symbiotic relationship between the black community and black hair just like the black church. Natural hair care for black women is more than a hair style; it is a black-women movement for both individualism and empowerment.

So no tokenized efforts ran by Silicon VCs hyping up Tristan Walker in white-ran media magazines that historically ignore black people where black people don’t even read those magazines due to the discriminatory exclusion tactics is going to be convinced to switch from Bronner Brothers or Miss Jessie and start buying Walker & Company because Tristan Walker is featured in white magazines and funded by white people who don’t give a shit about us black people in general.

But let’s explain what’s going to happen because I do not understand why white privilege bigots in America keep thinking we African-Americans are some lightweights. Every last one of you out there around the world — do you notice how these bigots talk about us African-Americans from as far away as possible using an alias account about us African-Americans? Or pretend in their white magazines we African-Americans don’t exist at all or just negative news? Because we African-Americans will fight these damn American and dual-citizen bigots anywhere, anytime in court or off-court, makes no difference but we will not lay down and be rolled over anymore.

I mean if you want to play math-based logic — African-Americans got the lower zero-sum number in the zero-sum game theory; we got nothing to lose against a system actively discriminating and excluding us — think about it. That’s why they exclude us African-Americans from media coverage and prop up “alternative blacks” from Africa and the UK and tokens to counter us. But in reality from our African-American history, we African-Americans show over and over again the American Dream our people can overcome odds and barriers placed upon us by relying on our faith, our community and the conviction that all people are good and will do the right thing at the end of the day.

I hope you guys reading this realize the tokenization games being played with Tristan Walker participating with Silicon Valley against black/ethnic beauty entrepreneurs and firms. But in addition, some of us got some plans for Tristan Walker and the Silicon VC firms supporting this tokenization crap as well as the media writers hyping up Tristan Walker with no history of covering competitive black beauty products — yeah, we taking names. Because I don’t get it — like this Tristan Walker character was actually just going to convert established black customers from established black-owned beauty firms to using his Walker & Company products because he get hyped up by the white privilege system. I don’t even like the fact this obvious token crap is being attempted in 2017.

But here is what’s going to happen — I already have a platform in place using natural language blockchain technology enabling retail-chain and mobility-based transactions including subscription boxes and e-commerce and BOPIS and more. I will leverage this platform helping black-owned beauty entrepreneurs sell out of black beauty salons and barbershops and other touchpoints in the black community to remain immersed in the black community. The black barbershop and the black hair salon is a cornerstone of the black community like the black church and also a place for the informal economy for black street entrepreneurs selling socks, DVDs and other stuff — I mean someone really got to be one dumbass VC investor of Walker & Company if they thought white privilege and tokenism was a good business strategy to disrupt black/ethnic care; the cornerstone of black entrepreneurship and the key chapter of our Black American history.

I mean and I said this before — you really got to be idiotic if you didn’t know most of us black men do not blade shave and that number is hyper small at best as a demographic. It would have been smarter business to sell a monthly menstrual subscription box to black women which is a bigger and untapped market with a bigger ROI; that’s how dumb Walker & Company is so let’s not get too dazzled by all the press and propaganda; Tristan Walker is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to knowing the black beauty market and opportunities.

I will not disclose much more details but I will say from experience living in hyper-connected black Atlanta and not getting press coverage for someone being so damn talented in tech is probably the best advantage anybody can have to make major moves while being overlooked. I do want to say this is not personal against Tristan Walker; he is a scumbag but he has handlers and enablers that is the real focal point. The goal at the end of the day is wanting these VCs putting their money in this racist tokenization effort propping up Tristan Walker to lose every bigoted dime thinking they was going to data manipulate black beauty customers converting us to be their customers when we know full well they some goddamn bigots in Silicon Valley.