I’m breaking a stereotype for them: a smart, educated, ambitious, beautiful woman who wants to dance at a night club “just to gain life experiences and to have fun.”
The best compliment I have ever received
Lily Chen

Most women who strip are smart, educated, ambitious and beautiful as they wouldn’t last long or resort to more darker areas if they were not keen to the trappings.

I find this comment interesting — either you must strip at one of the most happy-happy sanitized strip club in the world or you are the biggest naive person on this planet if you think you are doing anybody a favor here.

I’m a little more advanced than a software engineer (that term still being used? do you guys also call yourselves webmasters in Silicon Valley?) but when I went into a strip club, I saw mostly women in a trap game trying to do whatever it takes to hustle out. Many had priors, pasts and trauma that only they can speak to. And grinding on strangers to make a few bucks ain’t exactly any kind of glamourous life.

You are the equivalent of some suburban white kid wanting to emulate the ghetto life — you are not doing nobody any favors. I have already looked at tech ways to solve industry wide problems in that industry (employee-contractor, financial management) and the fact all you can talk about claiming you a software engineer is your silly conversations with Silicon Valley software engineers who think you cool instead of actual solutions for marginalized women speaks to your true nature of helping others — yeah, you really doing them a favor…

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